warm winds and barley wines

I had a fantastic [something] run last night; don’t know what you’d call it. A try-to-run-my-ass-off-as-fast-as-I-can-for-six-miles run. Good? Good.

It was WARM; I don’t think I’ve ever gone running in shorts here in February…and I was still sweating like a pig when I got home. My husband said the whole living room smelled like B.O. Sexy.

It was also really windy last night. I know I complain about a lot of things, but when I complain about wind, I really mean it. Wind is only second to snow-slush junk on my list of most-despised running obstacles.

The plan was to kick it up a notch for the second half, but I turned around to face a stubborn wall o’ wind. It was all I could do just to keep under a 10:00 pace. Then I got angry at the wind and I think it gave me an extra burst of energy.

This was a whopping minute faster than last week’s six miler. I ran in the Kinvaras again and I think I love them more each time. I’ve been alternating them with the Adidas TR-10s because I always feel a little tender after my nights in the kinvaras. I feel like they help me run faster but make me work harder at the same.

After I cleaned up (no more B.O. smell, you’re welcome), I treated myself to this:

(And okay, we also went out for margaritas and fish tacos. We had a rough week and we deserve it.)

Bare Tree is Two Brothers’ barley wine style weiss beer. I’ve also had the 2008 and the 2009, and I have to say, I think this one was the best, so far.

It’s a handsome beer. Comes in a slightly-larger-than-12-oz. corked green bottle with a sophisticated-looking black and white label.

It pours a rich golden amber with just a bit of white foam, like champagne bubbles. It had a tart green apple flavor and underlying hints of sweet malts and spice.

The Bare Tree toast: “With every bare tree lives the promise of a new life.”

I like that.

Tomorrow is the big Polar Bear (snort) Run downtown. I haven’t done any races in a while, and the weather looks fantastic – sunny and 40s. There’s a three- and a five-mile race that are staggered so you can do them both. I haven’t decided on that part yet (or whether I’ll even get up and run tomorrow!) but it would be nice to get my long run out of the way.

Big plans this weekend?


14 thoughts on “warm winds and barley wines

  1. I pushed myself on my 6 miler last weekend, and it took me all week to recover and my other runs blew. I learned my lesson, don’t blow your load on your weekly long run. I can’t recover fast enough. Going to a bbq tonight, heeeey 72 degree weather!

    • I know, I feel like I should have some approach other than “every run is a race.” I just can’t be bothered with the planning part.

      Dap! Hope it lasts! Have fun.

  2. 1. RUN IT, BITCH. Otherwise, you are a whale’s vagina. Only oilier.

    2. The Kinvaras are the best things ever, but it’s definitely smart to alternate since your legs do have to get used to the lack of support. Plus, I find less pain in the bunion area. BONUS

    3. Thirsty now kthx bai

  3. Nice run! I don’t think I knew there was a such thing as a wine style beer, but I’m intrigued. Do the race! If there were a race here wtih the name Polar Bear in the title, I would so do it.

    • I think barley wine comes from the fact that it’s higher in alcohol content like wine, but fermented from barley so technically still a beer. I see “barley wine” on a bottle, I see ” X X “

  4. There are few things more annoying in a runner’s life than turning around at the halfway point of an out-and-back and realizing you’d been running in a tailwind the whole time. Which by virtue of your turning around is now a headwind… sucker.

  5. Hey, I’m a running whiner too. I whine about wind, rain, too cold, too hot, too many streetlights, too many bad drivers, broken ipod, not enough water fountains…

    but seriously, too windy is one of the very worst.

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