the world is scratching at my door…

Yeah so when I decided not to shower before work this morning, I sort of forgot that I hadn’t showered yesterday either.

But, I got a haircut last night? And I didn’t want to waste a shower when my hair already looked – seriously – phenomenal. I need to remember to always get my haircut on school nights so I can look ravishing when I wake up in the morning.

Aside: First haircut in SEVEN months. I know, I know. I felt bad because my salon actually called and then sent me a gift card to try to get my business back. I assured them I wasn’t hair-cheating on them, I was just that much of a lazy wreck. (I wish I could blame recent events, but the truth is, I was a lazy wreck before all that.)

Anyway, hair = fab; body = maybe slightly ripe (and chubby). But I don’t have any meetings today so I can pretty much lay low in my office and avoid standing too close to anyone.

And I’m going to show you a picture of my breakfast, but only because it looks delightfully nasty:

Yogurt, sunflower butter with TJ’s vanilla almond crunch granola and – what the hell – a generous spoonful of Nutella. It’s probably a good thing I already finished off that box of Tagalongs because I totally would have thrown a couple of those in there too.

I was supposed to run last night, but my knees and shins have been feeling achy since last week. I think it’s the Kinvaras. I have to come to grips with the fact that I’m just not strong enough for a minimal-support shoe. But I think if I continue to alternate with the Adidas, I’ll eventually get there. (Why bother, you ask? Because the Kinvaras make me feel soooo gloooooorious while I’m running. Fast; and light as a got-damn feather. So I want to make it work.)

I’m also laying off the beer for a while. I had a derp moment the other night when I realized how much better I sleep when I don’t have a 22 oz. bomber in me at bedtime. Bomber = wide awake at 3 a.m.; no bomber = sleeping through the night. And right now, sleep is the most important thing in the world to me.

Don’t hold me to that, though.


18 thoughts on “the world is scratching at my door…

  1. 1. The other day I somehow went two or three days without taking a shower. I ran all of those days. Fortunately, I think I only talked to one person face to face in that span of time.

    2. I went over a year without getting my hair cut. Too hard. Money can be spent on booze instead.

    3. Try using the shoes just once a week then try and work up from there if you’re having trouble. I suggest that because YEARS ago that’s now Nike suggested getting into the Frees, which were meant to simulate running barefoot before this minimalist movement started taking hold.

    • I know right? I just can’t be bothered with trivial issues like appearance and hygiene.

      I think that’s good advice about the Kinvaras. I was going 2 and 2 and even that is too much. I’m going to wear them again for my shorter run on Saturday but still wear the Adidas for my longer runs.

    • Supposedly since alcohol is a depressant, you wake up when it wears off. I feel like such a lightweight saying this, but 12 oz. on a weeknight is plenty for me! More than that and I feel it in the morning. If course, some people don’t drink at all on weeknights. I don’t know what THAT’S about.

  2. #showeringisoverrated

    On the booze, I think I’m the opposite – I sleep better with a little beer in mah belly. But a 22 ouncer would probably send me on a 3 AM pee break. It’s a fine line to walk…

  3. Don’t sweat the shower thing. In Africa somewhere there is a tribe of women who use red dirt, dung and melted fat mixed up to form a paste and bathe with it as needed- no water at all. Ever. They’re in the desert! Water is too valuable to waste it on washing. I saw it on TV last night. If you don’t mind being really red, and possibly smelling like BO mixed with dung, it probably works great.

  4. I showered but didn’t wash my hair. It was really sweaty after last night. Oh well. I just tried to get a hair appointment since it’s been a few months. No dice. I’m on a cancellation list. Oh well.

  5. Your haircutting schedule sounds like mine. I’m off to see my stylist today after multiple emailed coupons and a 6 month hiatus.

    And in the winter, showering (or hair washing at least) everyday just can’t always happen. The air is too wickedly dry and my skin may flake off or my hair may dry up and fall out…:-)

  6. Salon hair should last as long as possible! I can never replicate their creations! hehe.

    I’m reading Born to Run right now and am SO intrigued my minimalist shoes. I really want to try them but am a little skirrred

    • Yep, exactly! The Kinvaras and I are spending some time apart and I’m sad about it because we had some good times together. But then they punish me afterward. Not fair.

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