the walking method of running

Do you dread your weekly long run? Do you agonize over those miles and miles of continuous running?

ME TOO. I only like doing things that are FUN, and hard work isn’t fun!

I used to stress about my long run all week. I’d anguish over what I was going to wear, and to make sure I was well-hydrated, I drank nothing but Pedialyte. But I finally realized there’s an easier way.

Who says you have to do the whole thing at once? Who says you even have to RUN?

Everyone knows about the Galloway run-walk method, and I’ve also read that a bunch of people like to do a shorter run in the morning and another one in the evening. So I just took those basic philosophies and adapted them in a way that fits my lifestyle.

Here’s how it happened: I was walking out to my car one day after work and realized I had just stumbled upon a tremendous source of untracked mileage. So the next day as I was leaving the office, I started the timer on my Garmin and tracked my distance all the way across the parking lot to my car: .02 miles, just like that.

It counts! And it adds up pretty quick.

I then expanded on this theory and started tracking my distance at the grocery store, at Body Pump, even shuffling around my house. Without evening trying, I’d accumulated 20 miles in just a week!

Just look at how much I’ve improved:

Now I wear my Garmin all the time, and while I’ve pretty much stopped doing “traditional” running, my running mileage is higher than ever. I even racked up a mile in my sleep simply from night terrors!

And guess what: NO MORE INJURIES. I can still put on airs about being a runner without actually running all those icky painful miles!

Also? It’s 100% more conducive to not breathing.

But the best part of this method is the confidence it has given me to undertake endeavors I never thought possible! 50, 100 miles; more? The sky’s the limit! There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to complete a couple of ultra-marathons…over the next few months.

How many miles did YOU run this week?


18 thoughts on “the walking method of running

  1. what’s sad is I’m having to do training for a half with walk/run since I cannot get running mileage high enough thanks to my stupid apparently permanently fucked up hip. But I never thought of flipping Garmelita on ALL THE TIME! My mileage will suddenly be very respectable thanks to that half-mile walk to metro and home.

  2. Hahaha I started reading this and was like wtf, and I at the wrong blog? Then I continued, and started cackling like a crazy lady. Sorry your shins and knees are bothering you, it blows.

  3. This is so inspiring and really opening up a discussion of what is a runner and what is running.

    Confession: I wear my Garmin during my commute. Not only am I accumulating about 70 miles per day, but it’s counting as interval training as I speed up and slow down in the LA traffic. I was ashamed of sneaking my miles in like this and really multi tasking on my commute. Thank you Marie for being so open and honest about something I know a lot of runners do.

  4. This week I am cross training: anytime I am not running, I am walking on my hands.

    Of course, I fall over as soon as I try and do that which means I just end up walking anyhow.


  5. You have night terrors TOO?! I had one last night — it was the WORST — I dreamed that there was no natural light anywhere left on earth for the rest of time, and all of my morning oatmeal pictures on my blog looked SO AMATEUR as a result.

    Then I woke up, realized I’d been dreaming, and the sun was streaming through my window! I frolicked downstairs and took 73 great photos of my breakfast in the natural light. Then I read this blog post and realized that just walking down the stairs now counts as my mileage!!!! You are amazing!!

    • AGGHHHH. That really would be a nightmare! It’s bad enough never getting to eat a warm meal because you have to photograph it from every angle, but if the pictures didn’t even come out right? Well, then you’d have no reason to LIVE.

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