I know ‘starve a cold/feed a fever,’ but when is it you want to drink vodka?*

I had a nice, long weekend in Texas with my bestie only to wake up Monday morning with a sore throat, headache and chills.

I know what you’re thinking, but I already got tested for Hepatitis.

My friend has two kids, and while I normally despise children, hers are actually pretty cool and funny…so much so, that I forgot ALL children are actually cleverly-disguised little germ factories eagerly plotting your snot-encrusted demise.

So, I have a cold. Kind of a weeny cold, actually. I told my husband it’s because I got it from a baby and not a real person. I am sick enough that I haven’t gone running; not sick enough to stay home from work. Which it turns out is the worst kind of sick.

This morning, I pulled the old sneeze-a-gallon-of-snot-into-your-hand-right-as-someone-walks-in-your-office routine. Where you then have a handful of snot and nowhere to put it? So that’s always fun.

Then, I was forced to do manual labor after some people finally discovered some wreckage I did in an upstairs storage room. Perfect timing.

And then I almost cried when I found there was no Sprite or 7-UP in the soda machine. Three whole buttons reserved for Mt. Dew. God hates me.

Ordinarily I use any cough or sniffle as an opportunity to flop around in bed and feel sorry for myself until it’s all played out. But the thing is, I would really like to go running. I skipped Saturday and cut my Sunday long run short after five miles. I won’t even pretend like I had a good reason.

But sometimes you can play a little reverse psychology on your body and trick it into forgetting it’s sick. You want to take a loooo-hot of cold medicine and then pop out for a run right as it’s kicking in. And before your body’s any the wiser, you’re done. Chase with vodka.

Of course, there’s a slight chance of death.

Do you still run when you’re sick? How sick is too sick?

*Yes, I know that’s not how it goes. Read a book.


8 thoughts on “I know ‘starve a cold/feed a fever,’ but when is it you want to drink vodka?*

  1. Funny you mentioned vodka… I swear by alcohol to cure any lingering colds or illnesses. Not even kidding. It kills the bug. I wouldn’t try it on the first day of feeling really sick, but on about the third day of feeling crummy, I try to have a few drinks and placebo effect or not, this method hasn’t failed me.

  2. My mom swears by alcohol to cure almost any ill. It’s an antiseptic, she points out. She has a different beverage recommendation depending on the type of illness (sore throat: whiskey, upset stomach: brandy, etc). But no exercise at all when feeling even the slightest bit under the weather, according to Dr. Mom.

    Who, by the way, is not at all a doctor and may be a bit of a lush.

  3. They say if you are sick from the neck up, you can run. However, you should rest if it’s below the neck. A shot of vodka couldn’t hurt! Lay off the coke, crack and crank for a while.

  4. Occasionally I’ve gone out drinking with a cold and I always seem to feel better the next day, I swear! As far as running, I just gauge it by how I feel. If I really want to run and the idea doesn’t exhaust me, I go, and usually it makes me feel better. If the thought of even changing into running clothes makes me want to die, I head to the couch to watch DVR’d episodes of Oprah (don’t judge).

  5. I run if I can breathe with minimal dizziness. I had the flu last year and remember trying to put my tights on to go run in a snowstorm because I just had chills and my back hurt…it didn’t seem bad enough to NOT run till I realized I had a fever. Ooops.

    I didn’t kill that with vodka right away but that’s usually my tactic.

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