So, I wish I could follow Monday’s post up with some kind of amazing literary masterpiece, but, yeah. I got nothing.

Let me just say this: man, I love you guys. I’m never more flattered than when somebody thinks I’m funny.

I’ve been a snot factory for more than a week now and last night, I still wasn’t feeling 100% but a helpful reminder from Daily Mile encouraged me to go running anyway:

I did four miles in a cold drizzle in just under 39 minutes (like, just under: 38:58); not bad considering I hadn’t run in 10 days. I was still fairly miserable and for some reason had “Frosty the Snowman” in my head (and now you do too!), which was just kind of mildly annoying.

I wore my Kinvaras and they felt zzzzzomygodamazingballs…you know. I was hesitant to wear them again after a six mile run left me aching for several days, but I took it easy last night and I feel fine today. I sat on the floor for a long time and used my roll-y stick on my calves and quads. Iced my knees. You know the drill.

I think a little pain is good after running. That’s how you know you’ve done something significant. It’s only bad if it’s bleeding or you can see bone. (Rule of thumb.)

I celebrated with an Obovoid Oak-Aged Oatmeal Stout (8% ABV) from Boulder Beer Co.

My husband made grilled turkey sandwiches and warmed up some leftover soup for dinner. When I made an “mmmmm” sound, he asked if I was referring to the soup or the sandwich. “Um, the beer,” I admitted. Eye roll.

This review on RateBeer cracked me up:

Not that anything is wrong here, and I’m a pretty gracious reviewer, but I wasn’t impressed. If you’re gonna throw on a bunch of modifiers then please back it up. Oak-aged, oatmeal, imperial (I could be wrong about that one) all on a stout? The bar is too high, and too specific, to register accurately. It’s like giving your child the name “William Deshawn John Isaiah Livingston Anatoly McSmithersky-Papabingian” – it’s just too much name for anyone to handle.

That said, I liked this beer. It had a nice oaky flavor mixed with tones of coffee, bourbon, vanilla and [insert other flavors normally associated with oatmeal stouts.]

Other Boulder beers I’ve enjoyed: Hazed and Infused, Mojo IPA, Mojo Risin’ DIPA; other oatmeal stouts I’ve enjoyed: Terrapin Wake ‘n’ Bake, Dark Horse One.

Here’s to my 345,788,234th triumphant return.


6 thoughts on “[crickets]

  1. Very impressive the way you linked back to 4 or 5 old posts, just like you suggested Monday. What a great example!

    Now we have Obovoid on the shelves here, but every time I think of Boulder Beer since the December Mojo Risin incident, I have not been able to force myself to buy it. Perhaps this will turn things around.

    Since you asked, here’s the incident. http://www.dailybeerreview.com/2010/12/mojo-risin-double-ipa.html

    And hey, I leave plenty of comments here without pimping anything. This just seemed to fit! :))

  2. I wasn’t sure what to name my first-born son, but now William Deshawn John Isaiah Livingston Anatoly McSmithersky-Papabingian is high on my list. This is pretty much the ultimate in multi-culti names, and strikes enough of a balance between snobby and multicultural that my child will get into any college he wants. Epic ballsauce!!!

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