Now it’s time for something you have never, ever been privileged to find at CTT: dun dun duuuuuun!A GIVEAWAY.

As a clever commenter pointed out, nonsense giveaways are the key to your blog readers’ hearts.

Up for grabs:

  • A (gently used) sports bra
  • A January 2011 issue of Runner’s World magazine
  • A half-eaten package of watermelon-flavored GU chomps
  • A pad of neon green post-its (as a bonus, helpful reminders have already been written on them)
  • A #88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Bic lighter
  • A handy plastic zipping storage bag (not shown) to easily transport these items hither and thither.

Let’s bring all you lurkers out of the woodwork. All you have to do to win this fabulous gift set is leave me a comment. I’ll pick a random. Bonus entry if you tweet this post and say it’s the worst giveaway ever. Just use the hashtag #zomgagiveaway so I can find you.


42 thoughts on “ZOMG A GIVEAWAY!!1!

  1. I need those helpful reminder post-its! But without the image of the plastic storage bag… I just don’t know. Is it a new ziplock, or has it been used to keep your oatsgranola fresh?

  2. SIGN ME UP … I’ve got thomethings in need of a thither bag. Liked Junior better in the Budweiser #8 Chevy, but I can’t hate on the 88.

  3. Just leave a comment? You gotta make the entering process WAY more complicated than that. Like, at least 3 steps. Comment here, now go like this company on facebook, now follow them on twitter, now add me to your blogroll, THEN leave another comment telling me you did all of this.

  4. I’m gonna need to know what’s written on the post it. I don’t want any uplifting “brighten your day with a smile” shit. I want TRUTH. Something like “you’re a lazy ass for not running this week.”

    • As you can see from my artful photographic display above, the first one says “1994 called, it wants its tube top back.” And you’re not getting triple entries, you tramp.

  5. I WANT TO WIN! I hope I get the sports bra so I can wear it when I dance to Goodbye Horses in front of my mirror with my dick tucked back.



  6. Thanks for this offer… but I’m more of a xxxxxxxs in sports bra sizes. Running all of the millions of miles I’ve logged into the Daily mile this month (where the steph have you stephing been??) has kept me trim and as flat as cardboard. Screw barefoot running. I’m more of a barebreaster myself.

  7. I’m so excited about the lighter! This item will make my kale chips much more portable — I can toast them on-the-go instead of waiting around for the oven to heat up. Also, I’ll be forced to toast them in smaller portions so that I can “listen to my body” (thanks shelby 😉 and not accidentally overeat — not that I would ever feel guilty or bad about myself if that happened. 😉

    I don’t have twitter so I can’t tweet this… BUT I did just make a facebook page for my blog! Will you “like” it?

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