world’s best noodle soup

I’ve noticed a lot of you like to take pictures of yourself holding the things you reference in your blog posts. I’ve never made a conscious effort to do this and I thought it might be fun. Also I’m dying for attention. So here goes.

I got up at 8:30 this morning and went running before I had a chance to think about all the fun ways I could procrastinate.

Also, we were under a wind advisory and experience tells me it’s best to get all outdoor activities out of the way early.

I ran eight miles and didn’t enjoy it very much, especially the last 7.5 or so. But it turned out to be a PR by 30 seconds. Woo?

After running, I had some coffee!

One of the nice things about running early is that you have the rest of the day to do projects!

Usually, I like to spend a little time doing needlepoint or scrap-booking, but today I got right to work roasting a pork shoulder for my world famous pork and udon noodle soup.

(Actually, I got the idea from Big Daddy’s House on the Food Network, but I used a different kind of cabbage and forgot to add the bean sprouts, so it’s pretty much a totally original recipe and I’m taking full credit.)

In accordance with the recipe – I mean, my own creative whimsy – I brushed the shoulder with oil, garlic, salt and pepper and roasted until it was done.

Then I started the soup: oil; onions, carrots, ginger, garlic, one diced habanero; shiitake mushrooms and cabbage; chicken stock, tamari soy sauce and the pork. Garnished will cilantro and lime.

The soup was obviously very good because I made it. You must try it. YOU SIMPLY MUST.

No but seriously, it was good.


21 thoughts on “world’s best noodle soup

  1. ….And because you’ve jumped on the “taking photos of things you’ve referenced” bandwagon you are part of the Cool Kids Club. WOO HOO!! 😉

  2. gahaha. You really have a knack for making me thinking bloggers are lame, or douchey. I appreciate pictures cause sometimes I get sick of reading (I read documents alllll day as a lawyer) but holding up an apple when everyone knows what an apple is, is pretty hilariously dumb.

    Why did you have a thshitty thursday? Do you even remember anymore, cause I never remember stuff from more than one day ago

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