nothing of substance

I don’t have an Easter Sunday recap for you with pictures of me in a cute dress. Sorry I’m not sorry.

After running 12 miles (WOO?), I spent the rest of the day on the couch and it was all I dreamed it could be and more.

I ran slow FOR ME. (Turns out, you have to put “for me” after everything disparaging you say about yourself so people who suck even more than you do won’t be offended by your remarks.) I stopped and took water breaks, I fiddled with my ipod, I even went home to pee once (off the clock, obviously). I’d say the only real pushing I did was actually finishing the 12 miles.

I turned the corner to my house at 8.68 just as my ipod died, and almost called it quits right there. But then I realized I’d have to blog about my failure (because you HAVE to blog about everything you do, that’s just the rules), so I chomped another couple of GUs, tossed the defunct pod on the porch and wobbled down the driveway to do another 3.32.

And you know what? It really wasn’t that bad. I think I was hurting more the FIRST three miles. My last mile was my fastest.

So there’s really only one benefit to running as slow as I do: no soreness or fatigue afterward. My quads are a little tender today, but I’m none the worse for wear. (Yeah but seriously, if someone can tell me what was wrong with my legs for those first three miles, why they felt both dead and achy at the same time and what to do about it, I will be eternally grateful.)

Monday night is yoga night.

Don’t hate.


23 thoughts on “nothing of substance

  1. Heck, I just say that I ran slow because that’s what I do. Haters can hate. What was your pace? Whatever it was, be proud of the 12. I only ran 6 and still didn’t think twice about that slice of chocolate cake while lying on the coach at 10 p.m.

  2. 12.4 is the mileage I’m working towards. I still feel like a rock star after 6. A very tired slow pathetic rockstar but still rockin nonetheless. Nice job on getting in the extra after the Ipod died. I know I probably would have quit. And then just not blogged about the experience at all! Hah.

  3. It sucks that we have to add our little “for me” disclaimers at the end of negative statements.. Can’t we just bitch sometimes? Guess not.

    On my long runs, I feel like I’m always slower than I want & take little breaks. That’s where race-day adrenaline & water stops without actually stopping are beautiful things!

    • Heh! That was a slight on both sides, really. Some people are too sensitive, but others are just unthoughtful and tacky. I’m guilty of everything.

      I definitely take a lot of liberties on my practice runs!

  4. I’ve noticed that as my weekly mileage increases it takes longer for my legs to warm up! For at least the first 3 or 4 miles I want to die. My legs are heavy and just blah. I know if I can push through the first half hour or so I’m good to go. But I have no idea why this is, so I can’t help you.

  5. This morning I woke up with bags under my eyes and I felt ugly FOR ME.

    Thank God I’m not as old as you or Shelby, but I sometimes take, oh, five miles to feel not-like-shit. Some days I am fucking amazing the second I step out the door.

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