April recap/this time last year/catching up/my favorite posts/I am married/oh by the way did you know I ran a marathon once?*

First of all, did you guys know it’s MAY ALREADY?!

I know, crazy! Time flies when your life is amazing.

Last month went by SO FAST! Here’s what I was up to in April:

I made some soup.
I ran a 15k (and PRed!)
I got my very first hate-comment.
I did some yard work.
I went to yoga.

It made me reminisce about what I was doing in May 2010!

Signing up for my first marathon!
More yard work!
Drinking beer during my half marathon taper!

Also in cased you missed them, here are my last three posts!

Friday haiku
Slacking + a love poem
Nothing of substance

And here are three of my favorite posts!

how to craft a blog post out of absolutely nothing
Spaß mit Gröninger Pils
13 things I hate about the holidays

Also, did you know I have run a ton of races? Here are some of my recaps!

December 2010 Christmas 5k
November 2010 Drumstick Dash
November 2010 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
May 2010 Indy500 Festival Mini Marathon

Also did you know I am married? It happened way before I started the blog, but here’s a picture!

Are you married? Or are you alone?

*I feel sorry for anyone who might have unwittingly stumbled across this blog post: Of course I am being sarcastic.**
**Did the disclaimer ruin it for you?***
***I like cheese.

33 thoughts on “April recap/this time last year/catching up/my favorite posts/I am married/oh by the way did you know I ran a marathon once?*

  1. Sadly, I’m alone because I’m too busy clicking on every link EVER from your blog and have no time to date. 😦

    But, if I weren’t alone I’d CONSTANTLY post pictures of my bf/husband.

  2. You should recap your wedding in installment posts, start with the first time you met your hubby and include pictures of what you ate for breakfast each day you planned and of course on your wedding day and of course on your honeymoon. K, thx, bai

  3. Not alone, but i still hate people… you make a pretty bride (i’ll say something nice even tho you’re showing off! lol!) (oh, wait, was that nice?)

  4. Not married, but since I got engaged I’ve found a new sense of authority in talking about everything from running to eating healthy. It’s amazing!!!

    • Wahhhh, that sucks. It is so scary to know someone was in your house. I slept with a knife under my pillow for like a week. Glad you are getting out of there soon!

  5. i do that too where every day i remember what i was doing last year on that day then i think about it all day so that i don’t actually do anything that day except think about myself and my past and OMGZ ME

  6. If you haven’t done this yet, can you do a post someday about what’s in your purse and even better, what’s in your grocery cart?!!/(fridge!) I’ve been so curious!!!

    Also, if you’ve rearranged any furniture in your house lately, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to get a peek into your vast and original insights on interior design!

    • Hey-o! Now I’m good for the rest of the week and I spend the rest of my time photographing my food and what I’m wearing!

      P.S. Glad you’re back SK – we missed you!

  7. these crack me up.

    i mean, omgz, you do yard work? i do yard work, too! but i’m not married, so that makes your life so much more awesome than mine. clearly.

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