a little tenderness

So I thought I’d take a cue from Melissa today and try to think of some nice things that happened this week…

1. I made the perfect omelet.

2. I got paid. That’s right. Unclaimed wages amounting to $142.74 from a job I had in Texas back in 2004. Eight ball, anyone?

3. Ice cream sandwich cookie. I have to thank (or blame) KACE for making me hip to these things. They are the devil.

4. I was not this guy.

Being a terrible driver, I’m always grateful when I’m not the jerk standing on the side of the road staring at my car in a ditch. Although, I was forced to sit in traffic for an extra 15 minutes yesterday. (You didn’t expect me not to complain at least a LITTLE bit, did you?)

Tomorrow, a haiku.

Some day I will find my routine again. I hope.


15 thoughts on “a little tenderness

  1. Eight ball?! Hell yes. I’ll bring vodka to sip on afterwards.

    I’m honored to be mentioned in the same post as that man playing with himself next to his broke-down car.

  2. Ha don’t blame me! I actually am forbidding myself to buy them again for a while. Because they are just sheer perfection……and its bathing suit season.

  3. Pocket pool, peeing or just staring-I love that you took a pic of it! As you know, my camera is always ready while I’m driving, too!

    And as for Mr. Redding: he is one of my all-time favorites. Try making a Pandora station from his name…and you will love it (if you actually like his music, and you’re not just using it to make us believe that you have a soft side.)

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