ice, nature’s frozen water + friday haiku

Last night I ran three miles in the sweltering heat and collapsed on my kitchen floor, dripping with sweat.

Strenuous exercise actually raises the body temperature, so I usually cool off with a nice, tall glass of cold water when I return from my run. But yesterday, I felt like I needed something more! I actually came up with something all my own that turned out to be fantastic for that post-run recovery:

Ice! 🙂

Some facts about ice:

  • Ice occurs when the temperature of water drops below 32°F (0°C!)
  • Ice lowers your body temperature, allowing you to cool down quickly after getting hot.
  • When ice melts, it becomes water!
  • Ice is slippery.

My cube of ice that I ate last night was composed of many molecules of frozen water, molded to form a slender, oblong shape. It was whitish in color, slightly translucent and had a nice, satisfying crunch to it. Also, being approximately 10 degrees cooler than your average sip of water, it had a much greater cooling effect on my mouth.

Bonus tip: Ice is also a fantastic tool for helping to reduce the painful swelling that can occur when you’ve injured a body part!

And now, a very special haiku about ice:

Ice melts to water;
becomes vapor, all around.
But not the air kind.

Have you ever tried ice? What is your favorite way to use it? (Thanks Cindylu!!)

*Disclaimer: Ice did not compensate me in any way for this product review. My views on ice are completely my own and I just wanted to share my thoughts about ice with you!


35 thoughts on “ice, nature’s frozen water + friday haiku

  1. Ice? Never heard of it. Sounds like something you’d see on a late-night infomercial. That said, I might give it a try. I do love me some frozen water and this sounds remarkably similar!

  2. Your run sounds EPIC and that ice looks Amazeballz!

    If I take a picture of myself with ice and send it to you, will you feature it on your blog??

  3. You kill me.

    This is such a great idea, Marie! To use ice! Instead of water! It’s brilliant and I must try it… omg so yummmmmm…..

    Is it organic?

    In all seriousness, I’m digging the haiku Fridays. Imagine me snapping my fingers in appreciation.

  4. I hear you can also put it in coffee and make smoothies with spinach out of it. Crazy!!!

    (I wish you would have asked me if I’ve tried ice and my favorite way to use it.)

  5. Ice becomes even more magical when combined with this other trendy product called water. However (important): if you use this (MY) idea, I want in on the book and/or product endorsement deal.

  6. Isn’t water a miracle? It actually EXPANDS when it freezes to ice!! (Most other materials — like metals… and penises… contract when cold). Anyway, I call that my voluminous ice trick … ice is more filling than water and you get to feel like you’re eating more because it expands.

    Also, I hate to break this to you, but most ice actually has air bubbles in it. I thought you ought to know so that you weren’t accidentally ingesting any.

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