So, you can add me to the list of bloggers who cleaned out their closets this week.

Lots of leftover hangers.

30 of only my most favorite race tees that I’m just not ready to part with yet.

And you know that pile of leftover crap you have no idea what to do with when you’re done? Well, that’s still sitting on the floor in the bedroom. Just call me Scarlet: I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Was it just everyone in New Mexico who had a baja sweater in the mid-90s or did that trend sweep the entire country?


13 thoughts on “NO WIRE HANGERS!!

  1. Ha. Actually, I did clean out my closet last night. Among other things I found were my college thesis, the title to my car, and my social security card. Next time, maybe I’ll find a kitten!

  2. what are the cheetah-print items on the left side of the pile? elbow length gloves? shoe bags? fuzzy slippers?

  3. I cleaned out my closet when I moved. As soon as I need to lift and carry all my belongings, I needed far fewer of them. Kept every race T though.

    Stuff to get rid of eh? I think you need to have a ZOMG GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

    • Heh! That was actually all the stuff I’m keeping, just have no place to put. You guys are free to come by and root through my trash though. 😉

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