So, I line up my cold cuts on the couch next to me, but as I’m stacking them up, they keep falling into my foot bath!

So you know how when you’re running in the rain with no socks on and you’re soaking wet and you feel something kind of poking at your foot but you think, meh, it’s probably fine and then when you take your shoe off you discover a giant mess?

Yeah, me too.

Okay, I might be exaggerating, but I did get a little roughed up.

Sunday morning, I got into my running gear and headed out back to plant some hostas (in the rain) before my run (during which it was still raining). So really, I was soaked and dirty before I even started. (Oh, and before breakfast, a santorum wrestling match.)

Anyway, this was the first time I’ve run sockless in the Kinvaras (there’s really no point in wearing socks when it’s raining, you guys), and there was some stitching on the inside that rubbed me wrong. C’est la vie.

But don’t worry– after my run, I met up with a bunch of chicks for a group pedi.

I know. ME! I get a pedicure about once every five years, folks, so I was due. They didn’t need a belt sander to grind all the dead skin off my feet, but almost. I lost two pounds in dead-skin weight.

I’ve always heard (or like, I heard this one time on Dateline) you’re not supposed to get a pedi when you have cuts or blisters on your feet because that foot-bath water is all contaminated or something (there’s your blog post title). But this place was clean-looking, and my foot hasn’t turned black yet (Requiem for a Dream, anyone?). So I think I’ll live.*

Of course, NO shade of purple is ever going to divert attention away from my bunions (aka my feet elbows, cleverly hidden in this picture for your sake), but I still think they look pretty killer.

Any thoughts? About my feet, I mean?

*After reading this blog post, my mom will never have another pedicure again.


17 thoughts on “So, I line up my cold cuts on the couch next to me, but as I’m stacking them up, they keep falling into my foot bath!

  1. R once got a pedicure. I think she was 29 at the time. About 29 years of dead foot skin was pumiced off. I gave that lady a hefty tip.

    I have a black toe nail right now. I was debating posting pictures. You are an inspiration…

    • I’m assuming you meant foot rub, unless you’re referring to a type of pedicure I’ve never heard of before. You city people and your crazy newfangled food rubs!


  2. Between my lack of toenail on one foot, my blisters, cat-hair ridden pants & previous pedicure given by a 6 yr old…my feet are most likely not welcome in any finer pedicure establishments. That said…I should go.

  3. haha. i can’t believe you didn’t wear socks! I had a rainy run this morning and I think the socks were a good thing. You definitely reminded me that I am long overdue for a pedicure. I’m almost embarrased thinking about how the nail ladies will look at my feet in disdain…

  4. I love pedicures. They’re my one girly indulgence.

    I refuse to post pictures of my toes in a public, semi-public forum. I don’t think my feet or toes are gross. I’m more concerned about the creepy guys on Flickr who favorite random photos of women’s feet. Those guys can get off on someone else’s feet.

      • Sometimes I wonder when I get searches for something like hot Chicana p*rn the searchers are severely disappointed when they find my blog. Sorry to let you down, guys (or girls), but that’s not my bag.

  5. hahaha, the nail technicians make fun of me all of the time. during my last pedicure, the woman held up my foot and asked “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Do you let him SEE these feet?”

    I think your toes look nice! I’ve been a fan of crazy nail polish colors lately. Currently I am sporting an orange sherbet color 🙂

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