Are you qualified to give running advice? + friday haiku

One thing I’ve noticed about bloggers is that we love to give advice.

We, collectively, have been doing whatever it is we do for a quite a long time now, and we really feel we have a lot to offer…especially when it comes to running.

We’ve recovered from an injury, so we know how to treat all injuries.

We’ve run a few marathons, so we know how people should train for marathons.

We’ve run in the heat, the cold, the rain, and on more occasions than we care to admit, we’ve been unmotivated. So we know how to successfully overcome all of these afflictions.

We know that hydrating is very, very important.

We also have the most ideal running playlist in creation.

But the thing is, running for a few years does not qualify us to give running advice. Many of us avoid liability by offering “routines” or “tips.” We disclaim that we are not experts: Don’t take my advice! But here it is nonetheless…

One thing I’ve noticed?

Runners who actually ARE qualified to give advice on their blogs? Don’t.

Kara Goucher does not tell us how to stay motivated when it’s cold outside. Meb Kelgldsicwncsdkljr does not offer tips for speed work.

Yoga has not made Dean Karnazes a better runner.

So why do we (although obviously I mean you), think we know better than the pros? AND are our readers that inexperienced? Do they lack that much common sense? Who is this audience of ours that doesn’t know you should always get to the race in plenty of time to find your corral?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather assume my readers are smarter than me, than the other way around. Because they are. For the most part.

And now, your haiku:

Don’t forget to put
your running shoes on before
you go for a run.

Do you give advice on your blog? Just who the hell do you think you are? (In 5/7/5 format, please.)


29 thoughts on “Are you qualified to give running advice? + friday haiku

  1. I am someone who
    is really bad at haiku
    give advice I do!

    Anyway, yeah I give advice on my blog and to other people but only because I am a total know-it-all and I am AWESOMESAUCE. YOU ONLY WISH YOU WERE AS EPIC AS I AM!! AMAZEBALLS!

    Or something…

  2. In haiku form:
    My friends think running
    is crazy, so no one asks
    for tips or advice

    I’m not sure I’d give them advice anyway. I mean, what if they took that advice and became a better runner than me? Not ok. I’d prefer to keep athletic bragging rights all to myself, thank you very much.

    Gosh, who wouldn’t want to be my friend?

  3. i give advice, yes.
    personally, it’s the best.
    all how-not-to-do.

    no really. pretty sure the only advice i give is advice you shouldn’t take. like doing your first ever kettlebell workout 2 days before a marathon. or wearing shoes with 1100+ miles on them.

  4. You make a good point. The only advice I give on my blog is stuff I learned through my own mistakes. 😀

    And the only thing I’d call myself an expert on is losing weight. I lost 100+ pounds by myself. I’d call that expertise. 😉

  5. Only advice from
    Me is to not do as I
    Say but give me some!

    And I suck at haiku
    I read way too many blogs searching for wisdom that my brain is fried. It’s better to just stick to recipe blogs.

    Oops- Is that advice or just opinion?

  6. if advice you want
    and if I am your best bet
    you have big problems

    yeah – I suck at running, losing weight, and pretty much everything else I write about. (except maybe eating processed foods and drinking beer). Funny? I would like to think so. Qualified to give advice? Hell no. Honestly, if you’re reading a blog for advice….well, there I go, about to give some advice.

  7. I suck at running
    So I can share
    How never to run fast, if you care

    No seriously, I do give advice, and consider myself more expert than some, less than others, on various topics. I’ve actually learned a lot from other bloggers and other online people, so I appreciate both the giving and receiving part. Actually I think of it more as sharing than anything else, and I love to learn from any and everyone–but damn so far I’ve managed to lose weight, but not run much faster. I especially love hearing about healthy and quick meals; that’s my latest fascination from other bloggers. Next up, I plan to actually hire someone with true expertise and pay real dinero so that I can put it all together, and hopefully someday run a truly awesome race. 🙂

  8. Procrastination,
    Vasectomy not scheduled…
    Children multiply.

    God no I don’t give advice. You’ve read my blog. It’s just a cautionary tale.

    But there was some sound advice from a 2nd grader at my other site ( yesterday concerning fire ants.

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