nobody cares about the wedding you went to in Florida…

So you guys! My friends (who you don’t know) totally got married over the weekend! In Florida! And I got to go! Aren’t you excited for me?!

I took about twelve dozen pictures and I really wanted to post them all! Even the ones that are pretty much exactly the same!

Nah, but yeah. The wedding was in Cape San Blas, about an hour and a half southeast of Panama City.

Aside from exposing friends and strangers alike to the unfortunate spectacle that is now my ass and also having to sit and drink lemonade while everyone else got tanked, I had a fantastic time. (One thing that kind of worked in my favor is that the place we stayed was so remote, there really wasn’t any opportunities to drink amazing beer. Just a lot of Bud Light and 151. Pass.)

The food…was amazing, and it was the first time in three months that I haven’t felt sick! I got up and ran three miles every morning, and then…pretty much ate for the rest of the day.

We had giant fried Gulf shrimp and grouper, pulled pork butt courtesy of the volunteer fire department, and THE best potato salad I’ve ever had in my life. It had a sour cream base with little bacon bits mixed in. MOAR PLEEZE.

The guys got to go deep-sea fishing all day Sunday (girls were not invited — RUDE!), but I hooked up with a couple other wives-of-groomsmen and we rented bicycles and rode down the cape to the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

From there, we got to see the bay side of the peninsula. I held a sea urchin.

The wedding was a nice, casual, barefoot affair, right on the beach.

We made it through the airport with no hassles, except the TSA agent (intentionally, I think) turned my purse upside down and emptied the entire contents into the x-ray conveyor tub. Her explanation: “Next time zip your purse.”

Also, I got home late last night to find a bottle of self-tanner leaked onto all my cute, white tops.

I shouldn’t be wearing white anyway.

Hey, though. Hope you guys had a nice Memorial Day and I really hope you drank a lot of beer and now you feel like shit today.



14 thoughts on “nobody cares about the wedding you went to in Florida…

  1. My parents rarely like to try anything new. The reason I tell you this is because we used to spend every other summer in the Gulf. And now I sort of miss it. As much as I bitched about never going anywhere new. Because yeah, the seafood rocks.

  2. You went to a wedding despite not being able to drink?

    You’re a stronger person than me. Which is good since you have to push a baby out your bajingo soon. 😉

  3. You left just in time. Hurricane season starts tomorrow.

    I drank some fairly boring beer this weekend, Sam’s and Torpedo’s mostly. For the blog, I’ve been aching my way through that Latitude 48 deconstructed 12 pack. Good marketing idea, not a great one of the 5. Don’t save one for after the baby comes.

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  5. I have a wedding to attend next weekend, and thanks to this unborn spawn, I have to attend it sober. I haven’t attended a wedding sober since I was a kid. Oh, who am I fooling? I wasn’t sober as a kid, either.

  6. Went to sister-in-laws wedding in San Diego. It was cold. My wife was sober. I was drunk. She had to deal with me. It was awesome. Not sure how she feels, other than she is exploding. Check out the FB pics. Took a bagillion of them. Glad we had the same weekend, just on different coasts.

    • IT’S A BABEH…

      I sort of forgot you guys were having a baby because I’m all self-absorbed like that, but hey, brilliant! And I can totally sympathize with your wife.

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