nyan nyan nyan nyannyannyannyan

A few unrelated, un-noteworthy topics for you today:

1. Instead of reading a mind-blowing blog post over here today, go see Shelby at Eat Drink Run.

She’s skanking it up on a beach somewhere, but she has posted some fantastic Q&As this week between her and some of her smart, good-looking and funny blogger friends.

Namely me.

2. I’m really getting sick of those articles you read that are intentionally stretched out over like a dozen pages, and you have to click through to another page just to read the next paragraph.

They want you to think it’s kind of like a slide show, but it’s really just an attempt to rack up page views for advertising dollars. Can you imagine how annoying my blog would be if you had to click a bunch of times just to read the whole post? (Answer: EVEN MORE ANNOYING THAN IT IS NOW.)

3. Sadly, I did not win the Dark Lord Haiku contest. Some doucher who used the word “adumbral” won. How pretentious.

But I was a runner-up! (Although I have my suspicions anyone who submitted a haiku might be a runner-up.) I believe it was my use of not one, but two apostrophes in a single word, and also that word being “taint” that got me the recognition.

4. It’s haiku day! Don’t think losing one measly haiku contest is going to deter me from continuing to seek my imminent haiku fame and fortune.

Few things impress me
as much as a kitty with
a pop-tart body.


4 thoughts on “nyan nyan nyan nyannyannyannyan

  1. I got used to the “click for more” thing when contributing to a group/city blog to keep a long or photo-filled post from taking up the whole front page or “above the fold.” I don’t do it on my own blog to encourage page views, just for aesthetics.

    Having Monday off
    Has got me a bit confused
    It’s Friday? Really?

    • I see your point, I guess I’m just too lazy to click 10 times to see the top 10 U.S. beer vacations…or whatever. Just show it to me all at once, I can take it!

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