smells like Wednesday

This week in dreams:

  • I’m drinking Shark Pants at Three Floyds.
  • I have the baby, but it’s the size of a bean, and I keep losing it.
  • I’m giving birth at work.
  • I’m giving birth in a classroom full of third-graders.
  • I’m having sex with Elliot Gould.

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19 thoughts on “smells like Wednesday

  1. Losing your bean-sized baby sounds frightening, and exactly the type of dream I would have. I hope it doesn’t happen to you in real life.

  2. For a second I didn’t read the “This week in dreams:” header and I was trying to decide if we were playing a weird game of “Never Have I Ever” or if you were just planning one hell of a baby shower.

  3. I also have never had a baby but the birthin’ dream happens frequently. Weirdest ever: I’m in the hospital and pushing, feet in the stirrups, and the baby comes out my right heel, a la Alien. My husband catches it. The end.

  4. Shark Pants is an awesome name for a beer and after reading the description I now want one (or five). Next time I am in Chicago I will have to make a trip over and try it out.

  5. hehe. I’m not pregnant…nor do I ever plan to be…but I have a variation of the “bean birth” dream pretty regularly. Dreams where I am mothering some tiny, shriveled thing.

    And to add to the TMI of this comment, all my sex dreams are solo. It’s ridiculous, but they’re all about me Jilling off. No celebrity appearances, ever (oh, except for once with Joel McHale. yesssss)

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