housekeeping + vanity sizing + Friday haiku


Notice something different? I hate to be a copycat, but Shelby’s recent move over to a self-hosted blog encouraged me to get off my ass and make use of a hosting package I got back in APRIL (whoops), and finally shuffle myself loose the WordPress coil.

She answered a few questions for me and listened to me gripe about how my old WP theme (Black-Letterhead) stubbornly refused to let me add my custom header (because really, what is this blog without orange beer bubbles and shoes?!) Finally, I gave up and installed a new theme and now here we are. (And for the record, Shelbs and I agreed this stuff does not take you days and days to accomplish; we both did it in a couple of hours.)


I can’t quite get used to all the whiteness of it yet, so I may look around for something a little darker (I know, so racist). In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy (hate) me on a new platform, soon to be infested with annoying flash ads and auto-start video…

Just kidding.

Anyhoo, allegedly I have already mapped all my domains to point over here, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding me, but if you’ve stopped getting the emails/feeds, you can update your preferences right over there —–>

Okay, now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, I can go on to gripe about the maternity pants I bought online that are big enough to house a walrus.

It should be noted that I’ve bought maternity pants at Target, Kohls, and even some designer maternity jeans I got ON CLEARANCE FOR 14 BUCKS. All of them have been the same size. So I was fairly confident when I went over to and bought three different styles of maternity pants in that size. But they are gigantic! Even if the waist happens to fit me when I’m 9-1/2 months pregnant, the legs will STILL be wide enough to fit two of me. And also those two of me would need to be six feet tall.

It’s a shame, because don’t they look comfortable?

But they’re going back. Please remember this helpful lesson in vanity sizing before you tell anyone else you’re a size 2.


Lastishly, it’s time for your Friday haiku.

smash smash keyboard smash
smash keyboard keyboard smash smash
smash smash now pay me.

Obviously, I’m not really feeling inspired today so maybe you guys can come up with something better.

And last for realsies, I’ve had this song in my head for three days. I can’t name a single other song this band sings and I remember that it annoyed the crap out of me my senior year in high school. But I’m liking it today, just the same. Deal with it.


28 thoughts on “housekeeping + vanity sizing + Friday haiku

  1. I think you can probably go in and edit the theme background colors so you can go for something a little less bright. I don’t mind the brightness. Another thing.

    Vanity sizing?
    I’m fine with it. Only way
    I’ll be a size four.

    As a former 14/16, seeing those numbers sans 1 on my clothes tags was a neat payoff for the months of doing WW. I know high end stores don’t do that, but I’m not shopping there anyway.

  2. I have that OLP song on my ‘pod by way of an old mixed cd from early college. Talk about a trip down memory lane…those old burned cd’s are the bomb.

    (is this my first comment? if it is, Hi! I’m Bree. I come by way of Eat, Drink, AND, Run 🙂 )

    • HI! HI! Shelby is my #1 referrer. I’m scared one of these days she’ll start asking for money.

      Remember TAPES?

  3. Loved that song. Brings me right back to high school with my best friend. Thanks for the nostalgia. I wonder whatever happened to them.

    • OD, rehab, moved back in with parents. Will be on Vh1 reality show this spring.

      JK no clue. And I don’t know how it got in my head. I don’t think I even heard it!

  4. I love your haiku! It summarizes my feelings this week exactly.
    I just discovered your blog from Shelby’s post on you the other day and have not been very productive at work since.
    BTW I live in Indy too and enjoyed the non-alcoholic beers at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub when I was pregnant to help with my crazy beer cravings. (I dreamed about drinking beer too for pretty much the entire pregnancy)

      • Yes, well, they did 3 years ago. I am actually coming to the realization how much the hormones mess with your memory. I remember thinking they were pretty good… But that whole time period is a little fuzzy. I had to stop drinking them pretty early on, I had twins and people starting giving me seriously dirty looks when they thought I was drinking once it was obvious that I was prego and not just fat.

      • Yeah, I bet they would! I didn’t think of that. But that would make a fantastic sketch on Jackass…some 9-1/2 months pregnant chick sitting on a patio smoking and drinking. Hmmmm….

  5. I protest the move, if only because now I need to enter lots of info to comment. If I haven’t used it already, I just found a line for an upcoming trail race. Oh yes, I already know it needs to include the word clumsy. I liked that song way back when, but kind of forgot about it until now.

  6. Your Haiku is brilliant. Sums up my work week for sure.

    Just wanted to say that I actually like the new, lighter look here (how racist is THAT?!)

    And cheap maternity clothes, at least here in Germany, are CRAP. They’re poorly made, never fit right, and are super-overpriced. I’ve actually sucked it up and bought fewer things, but more expensive (hello Parisian maternity label!). Also, I bought a couple pairs of non-maternity lower-rise jeans (w/stretch) at H&M in a size 1 inch bigger than normal, and voila – they fit right under the belly, no annoying maternity waistband or stupid drawstring waist. And they’ll likely fit for quite a few months after the monsterbaby is here.

  7. Wow, I even clicked out of google reader to come for a look see at the new format. Very nice.

    Does maternity wear have a good resale value?

    There are stores in which I’m a size 2. I shop exclusively at those stores.

    • I imagine maternity clothes have about the same resale value as last semester’s textbooks at the campus bookstore, which is to say, you spend $60 on some pants you desperately need but will never touch again, and they buy them back from you in perfect condition for $7.85.

  8. Yeah…if those three ines of type don’t “remember” me when I come back here, I am really gonna be pissed. Because…despite this being your blog, everything s still about ME!!!!

    And, you might “see” someone about the “smashing” thing. There has to be a pill for that.

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