the noodle bowl cleanse

Lately, I’ve had an obsession with noodle bowls.

You know how they say that some addicts will transfer their addiction from heroin to methadone, or cigarettes to cigars? Or maybe only I know that because I watch an absurd amount of those crackhead shows on A&E? No matter. I’ve successfully transferred my alcohol dependency to noodle bowls, and I like the way I’m feeling.

Here are some of the most memorable ones I’ve crammed down my face hole over the past few weeks.

Japanese Pan Noodles (Noodles & Co.)
Udon noodles, broccoli, sprouts, black sesame, carrots, onions, cilantro and shittake (shit-take) mushrooms. I add beef. Only 690 calories!

[this image was stolen from PETA]

Truffle Mac (also Noodles & Co.)
Made with white truffle oil, sauteed baby portabellas, toasted breadcrumbs and Parmesan. This was a limited-time dish and it’s gone now, along with my soul. I would kick a puppy to have it again.

[this image was stolen from C-Style]

Spicy Kung Po (Simply Asia)
If you’re cool enough to go slumming for microwavable noodle bowls, this is the one I recommend. I’ve tried a lot of different brands of microwavable noodles bowls, and a lot of times the noodles have a mealy texture and the flavor is lacking. But this one is actually spicy and the noodles are firm and not too greasy. I added some bonus steamed vegetables. After all, I have my baby’s health to look out for.

Ramen Noodles (Oriental flavor) with bonus steamed vegetables

TJs Thai Style Pasta Salad
This one’s a cold pasta salad with chicken and peanut sauce, and, looks like some red cabbage and maybe some celery and carrots. I scarfed it down too quickly to examine the contents. It was good.

What are you cramming down your fat gullet this week?

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13 thoughts on “the noodle bowl cleanse

  1. Those pics made me hungry for sure. I have a Noodles & Company near my new place that I have been wanting to try out. I think tonight is the night for that. Thanks for the info and the craving.

  2. I am excited to get knocked up at some point entirely so I can justify doing things like eating noodles all day. But turns out “I wanna eat for two!” is in fact not how you convince your husband that you should procreate.
    So, for now, I’m eating my body weight in raspberries, because we just visited my family. Garden full of berries = I need to visit more.

  3. I have never heard of this Noodles & Co but I think I need that limited edition Truffle Mac. Should it ever return please put some in an envelope and send it over to New York City. Now you’ve got me craving Pad Thai. I think I shall dine on some tonight. You are so inspiring!!!!

  4. All the crap from the refrigerator and freezer that thawed during a power outage. Oh, wonderful storms and and our unreliable electric company! You’re the best! I’m off to eat diced pumpkin, some nasty frozen dumplings, and maybe an old hamburger bun – yum-tastic.

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