let’s go burn stuff

Does anyone remember this book?

amazon let's go camping

As a kid, I adored it because it’s a scratch ‘n’ sniff. My favorites were the skunk and campfire smells. I think this book may have contributed to my love for cuddly animals and setting things on fire (not at the same time).

Anyialsolovethesmellofmanure, can you guess what I did over the weekend?

I wasn’t privileged enough to smell that sweet pungent aroma of skunk spray, but I did get to:

  • burn things
  • roast marshmallows
  • eat my weight in grilled bacon-wrapped cream cheese jalapeno thingies
  • watch everybody get wasted, then tell them the next morning how stupid they were while bragging about how fantastic and un-hungover I felt (I even went for a run!)
  • canoe 8 miles down Sugar Creek without capsizing (not all of us were so lucky).

We did end up getting the biggest, dopest campsite in the whole place. It was right by the creek, with plenty of room to spread out and eat and burn stuff.

Public service announcement: Sleeping in a cabin is not camping. Sleeping in a camper or RV is not camping. Sleeping in a “tent cabin” is not camping. Only sleeping in an actual tent constitutes camping. And if you happen to pass out before you even make it to the tent (this totally has never, ever happened, I swear), all the better.

No pictures of the canoe trip because I thought it’d be safer to leave my camera back at the campsite. Of course, as soon as I got home, I emptied my camera bag straight into the washing machine. #winning

Instead, please enjoy these cute bunnies. They wouldn’t leave us alone.


17 thoughts on “let’s go burn stuff

    • The key is to keep the tent zipped at all times, so no bugs get in. I’m terrified of critters but I’ve never seen one in the tent.

  1. I’m inclined to say that sleeping in a campsite that well-mowed isn’t camping either, but seeing as I pussied out the last time I went camping in a rainstorm and slept in the backseat of my Toyota, I can’t really talk.

    • Ryyyyight? It was a privately owned joint rather than a state park, which means nice, well-kept sites, but not as much privacy (= no peeing in the bushes – for ME anyway – until it’s dark out).

    • I knew you were from around here somewhere, I wasn’t sure quite where. It’s a beautiful area. We loved canoeing in the creek!

  2. I’m not a big fan of camping. I spent enough time in the wild as a wee lass. So I like to think that counts as putting in my time.

    However, I’m with you on what constitutes as camping. If you can’t call it “roughin’ it”, it’s not camping.

  3. If camping is none of those things, then I don’t camp. And I’m okay with that. I do enjoy the drinking, campfires, and getting away with wearing giant comfortable clothing complete with track t-shirts from 1997 though. I still do all those things at the cabin. Win-win.

    I remember that book – talk about a blast from the past. I can smell the skunk like it was in front of me right now.

  4. The last time I went camping was in college, it monsooned the whole drive to the campsite and one of the people in our tent snored like a bear. Drinking around a campfire is awesome though, as is burning shit.

  5. No. REAL camping is when you haul all of that on your back to your campsite.

    This is car camping. Also fun.

    Sadly, I haven’t done either in far too long.

    It looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  6. I just returned from a camping trip in Yosemite. We cut the trip a day short because of a fierce thunderstorm last night. Everything was wet and all 13 of us were miserable and cold. Everyone (except my boyfriend and I) retreated to the cars to sleep. We stayed in our tent like the old people in Titanic.

    I’ve camped in school yards, backyards, nice campgrounds (with showers & backgrounds), okay campgrounds with smelly bathrooms, and makeshift campgrounds on a beach near a river. I liked camping more as a kid when the adults did all the hard work and we just played in the river.

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