well, aren’t you something

I’ve been staring at this blank page for more than an hour now and decided instead of trying to come up with some useless crap that won’t be interesting or funny, so I’ll just take the hint and keep my big trap shut(ish.)

The home PC is STILL at the repair shop. We probably could have paid the Geek Squad 3x what this guy is charging and had it back in a few days (or not been computer retarded and fixed the damn thing ourselves. Hell, I could have read Fixing Computers For Dummies and just reinstalled the whole OS by now.)

Anyway, I’m sure all of you are already on your way to a BBQ to celebrate our nation’s independence by tramping it up, drinking way too much and annoying everyone at the party, and golly, I really just, I wish you the very best.

Your Friday haiku:

Dearest Canada,
Sorry that our holiday
is better than yours.



8 thoughts on “well, aren’t you something

    • Or take multiple pics of yourself in the mirror so we can see what you’re wearing throughout the day.

      Or maybe…mirror pics while kissing TEH HUBZ as he eats oatmeal? My brain just exploded a little bit.

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