mystery gourd + how to get people to adore you for only 20 bucks a pop

First of all, what the hell are these?

No really, what are they?

They taste kinda like zucchini, but they’re round. (I threw away the packing list that came in the CSA box.) Some kind of gourd?

First one to properly identify these things gets my undying love and respect for all eternity (not really).

As with any vegetable-of-unknown-origin, we ended up slicing them and roasting them in the oven with some salt and oil and they were just fine.

Second, for those of you who’ve been complaining about how fat and slow you are (I’m looking at you AR), this weekend I ran three miles at a 12:00 pace and then got lapped in the pool by an 8-year-old. (And if you happen to run slower than a 12:00 pace: you got pregnant-chicked! Hey-o!)

It seems like everyone thinks pregnant women are both adorable and heroic (except everyone who reads this blog, apparently), so I’ve been thinking about entering a 5k just for the praise and accolades. Hell, a bunch of you who aren’t even pregnant act like running a race makes you some kind of super hero, so I figure I’m at least one better than YOU guys. And I’m sure to beat at least few people who are either really old or morbidly obese. Win/win.

Plus, running has become a 100% solitary sport for me: all my running buddies have stopped calling (but when you’re running a 12 minute mile, who can blame them?), and when I tried to make totally non-creepy unstalker-like eye contact with the lady on the treadmill next to me, she stopped and got on a different machine. (Bitch.)

As anti-social as I pretend to be, it’d be nice to get a little taste of that camaraderie and kinship that comes from being around a bunch of idiots with a common goal. One that doesn’t involve hot dogs or finding the ultimate free-trade quinoa.


19 thoughts on “mystery gourd + how to get people to adore you for only 20 bucks a pop

  1. It’s kind of hard to tell because you sliced them up, but if they’re round and zucchini-like, then they are likely Eight Ball zucchini squashes. I used to work on an organic farm, so that gives me license to dole out advice on specialty farm produce, you know.

    • I know, I should taken a photo before I cut them up. #bloggerfail. But, ooooh neat-o! I googled it and that’s exactly what they look like.

  2. I asked the exact same question on the Twitters 12 days ago:

    The vegetable on the right is zucchini. What is the vegetable on the left??

    People suggested Kousa and Chayote. I have never heard of either, but whatever it was was DELICIOUS.

  3. Getting lapped by little kids is the worst. It happens to me in races a lot. Speedy bastards. Hence one of the reasons why volunteering to actually run in the Girls on the Run races terrifies me. I’ll stick to the “make-your-own tiara stand”. Thanks.

  4. Ummm…I don’t even want to tell you what my mile time is…AND I’M NOT PREGNANT. Although I blame the treadmills and their inaccuracy (except when you’re the only one not running at a 6.0…it makes me wonder..).

  5. HA! I thought the exact same thing when I read AR blog. Well, to be honest my first thought was a big FU. In my dreams I don’t even run that fast.

    Ummmm…can I tell you that I was passed by a pregnant woman like I was standing still. She MUST have been 7 months because she was huge. To this day, I am bitter about the whole thing.

    • Hey, don’t get me wrong — I LOVE AR. If she lived closer to me I like to think we’d be besties. I’d cheer her on (ie give her the finger) at every race and we’d be drunks together and probably go to jail sometimes.

  6. I LOVE Mexican squash.

    The Mexican grocery store I buy them at labels them as Mexican zucchini, but I’ve also seen them called zuchinni squash. I usually just called it calabacitas (the diminutive form of calabaza, or squash). I buy them pretty much year round and use them in soups or in a side dish similar to this minus the chile and adding corn kernels.

  7. Dude! I made one of those squashes last night and was also like “wtf is this…oh well, can’t go wrong sauteeing it in olive oil.” So I did, with some tomatoes, herbs, and an onion, and put it on pasta. Tasted better than zucchini in my opinion.

    You should totally enter a 5k just for the accolades. Also, have you realized yet how you can totally take advantage of your pregnant state and manipulate people into letting you e.g. have seats on the bus/subway, cut in front of them in line (because it’s really hot out and you’re pregnant and…um…thus need to pay quicker?) or just generally be a lot nicer to you than they normally would? If not, you should.

    12 min/mile is pretty good šŸ™‚ I’m sure I’m not that fast these days. In fact I’ve pretty much stopped regarding running as any sort of workout, because I can’t move fast enough to stimulate my heart rate or even really breathe heavy.

    • The other day the bagger at Trader Joes asked if I needed help carrying my bags out to my car, and they’ve never asked before. I had just eaten and was looking extra pregnant. So I plan to take full advantage of this little perk.

      I’m in week 18. I think you’re a couple months ahead of me? I don’t see myself being able to keep up this running thing for much longer. The 5k might be my last hurrah, and then it’s going to be nice long walks and pretending I know how to swim.

  8. Wow that chick was a bitch. I guess trying to be friendly by smiling means you want to jump her bones or something. You could probably out pace me w/ your sperminated self. Maybe if I got sperminated again, I’d be faster. Nah, I’d just be fat and lazy.

  9. Way to toughen up that fetus with mystery veg. I’m gonna be totally pissed if you miss this golden opportunity to take advantage of everyone. Seriously, if only to know that you’re controlling others behavior – Pregnancy super powers!

  10. I would totally run with you! Even though I am trying to get faster, 12 min miles is still where I’m doing my slower runs.
    I’m guessing that we don’t live too far away from each other since you have written about running at Eagle Creek several times. Email me if you are interested.

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