IKEA’s running a sweat shop and other yuppie catastrophes

So we were watching a rerun of the Daily Show last night and they did a piece on how IKEA’s U.S. manufacturing plants are “allegedly” sweatshops, and we are “Sweden’s Mexico.”


Fun, huh??

I’m always looking for reasons to hate things that are popular. Like when I found out the quinoa you guys all drool over is disenfranchising Bolivians? That was funny.

Oh, not for the Bolivians though: that part is really sad. I just think it’s sort of vindicating when people who pretend to be all environmentally and culturally responsible learn their precious Birkeland series wardrobe was made by a person who probably gets paid beans and has only one 30-second bathroom break during a 14-hour shift. (Am I exaggerating? I don’t know, I get my news from the Daily Show, remember?)

It made me think about what some other yuppie catastrophes might be…

  • Lululemon fabric is actually made from the skin of the Vancouver Island marmot and dyed with the blood of the peregrine falcon.
  • Kombucha tea is made from the delicious tears of orphans.
  • Whole Foods is a front for trafficking humans and illegal narcotics.
  • Lily Pulitzer is owned by Al Qaeda.

[image source]


21 thoughts on “IKEA’s running a sweat shop and other yuppie catastrophes

  1. Actually, the dirt on lululemon is much more amusing in real life – they are tied up with the Landmark cult, so it’s essentially a poor-man’s Scientology (funded by rich women’s yoga pants).

    • I like it! Maybe if I actually researched my blog posts instead of watching the Daily Show and Googling things, I’d have some dishier content to write about. At least I have you!

    • I used to work at lulu and they make all employees attend Landmark indoctrination after 2 years with the company- luckily I left beforehand, because I would NOT have taken that shit lying down.

  2. Apparently Whole Foods is the Wal-Mart of the organic world, pushing out smaller, independent health food stores when they open up a new location. So there’s that.

  3. I do legitimately love IKEA. Somewhat less after they decreased the limit on my credit card a few years ago, but it’s whatever.

    My platform bed is from there, so it’s kind of like I’m boning a hot Swedish guy each time I get laid. Except not at all.

  4. That Lily Pukelitzer picture is disgusting. If any of my friends ever suggested that…they…wouldn’t have been my friends in the first place. That video is hilarious, though. I heard once that more Americans get their news from the DS than any other source- true story. I think we’re a better country for it.

  5. omg marie…i clicked on the link to that lily pulitzer blog post. i cannot believe people like this actually exist.

    in other news, Daily Show and Jon Stewart = awesome. americone dream ice cream is even awesomer 🙂 i think you should go eat some right now, you know, for the bebe.

    • Currently shoveling Reese’s Pieces into my piehole…but I’ll make room for some ice cream later…

      I totally didn’t know Lily Pulitzer even existed until a few months ago, but yeah, it’s revolting.

  6. I think I have a new favorite blogger…
    “I’m always looking for reasons to hate things that are popular”-ME TOO!!
    I think I ended up here from a link on Melissa Nibbles-I’ll definitely be back .

  7. Hi this is Christina from ChristinasContinuousList. Thanks for the link up! I don’t have many true readers (the VAST majority of my blog’s traffic comes from the shmucks who google search Lilly Pulitzer. The very first picture to appear sends to my “Why Lilly Pulitzer is Terrible” post! Mwahahaha!) Just wondering, how did you come across ChristinasContinuousList?

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