It might come as a surprise to some of you, since I only talk about my hubby and cuddly baby friends on this blog, but I actually love wearing cute outfits. I think my remarkable ability to pick out, purchase and wear cute outfits is a big part of what makes me special and unique.

Take a look…

Ripped navy blue hoodie I’ve worn since the 12th grade:

Peruvian wool hat with matching fleece and jacket:

Periwinkle polar bear jammies with matching slippers and headband:

Green Under Armor tech shirt with eclectic Petzl headlamp:

Plaid Lulu run shorts with black visor, gray top and Nathan hydration belt:

Skull socks! I am so weird! Hee Hee!

And my favorite: ripped navy hoodie, royal blue nightgown, gray leggings, gray legwarmers and black faux sheepskin slippers:

See what I mean about being unique and special?

As I looked back through these special, specials photos, I noticed some of my most popular blog posts have pictures of me wearing outfits! Coincidence? I think not!

So I thought since I love to dress cute and you apparently love to see me looking cute, it’d be fun to make this a regular feature. That way, you guys can see how cute I am all the time, and I can make more money!

Don’t you think my outfits are super cute? Also, what’s your favorite: JCrew or Banana Republic?



  1. Hmm…I’m sensing some sarcasm and mockery here. I would say those polar bear pajamas are the most stunning outfit of all.

  2. “I noticed some of my most popular blog posts have pictures of me wearing outfits! ” I much prefer your nudes.

    I like JCrew and Banana, but I’m a TOTAL Anthropologie girl! TEE HEE HEE!!!!!!

  3. I’m going to completely ignore the sarcasm and just comment on how sad I am that my lulu plaid shorts no longer fit because my ass got fat.

  4. Ok I am guilty but it’s cool, I’ll own up to it!! But what can I say I do love clothes, but not as much as I love you because you’re SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!! TEE HEE

    • I should probably hate you since you’re cuter than me, but you’re A-OK!

      But if you start trying to wear polar bear jammies, I’ll kill ya.

  5. omg Banana Republic!!!!!!!!11!

    But seriously, I do ❤ BR.

    Your fashion sense is way better than mine though. Kind of not even sure why I bother when there are girls like you outdoing me no matter how hard I try. 😦

  6. I have a wool Peruvian hat and never get to wear it because I live in a swamp. This means I will never be as cute as you.

    I’ll just take pics of my gay husband instead. He’s way cuter than you.

  7. Wow, you sure are stylish! Did you go to school for fashion or something? Also, I think the only thing that could make any of your outfits better would be to add a pair of Transitions lenses- stylish AND functional!

  8. How you haven’t received Fashionista Blogger of the World Awards yet, I”ll never know. You are sizzling hot, lady!!

    • heee, I really have nothing against them, except I am too lazy to drive across town to go shopping at the “nice” mall. If there was a BR closer to home, I’d probably be in trouble. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been inside a jcrew.

      • jcrew is a little too pricey for my tastes. one day when I’m growed up and stuff, I’ll shop there… and make fun of myself for doing so.

  9. Update comment that is marginally related to this post- your Torn HS Hooded Sweatshirt was a “magic hooded sweatshirt” in a dream I had last night. Strange but true, and I know you WANT TO HEAR MY DREAM!

    I was trying to arrest you (ya, weird) and you would put on the sweatshirt and be able to BOUNCE SUPER HIGH to escape. I was yelling “It is only a ticket to appear!! You won’t go to jail! Come back!” – then the scene switched and I was watching movies w/2 of my coworkers.

    So, is that why you’ve kept the sweatshirt for so long?

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