a totally self-centered blog post about my birthday


I wanted to share with you my favorite Facebook birthday wish (so far, since I’m so popular I will receive dozens more Facebook birthday wishes, which we all know totally counts in real life, because there is nothing more genuine than someone you hardly know wishing you a happy birthday over the internet after being prompted by an automated control):

I know I promised to write about…I don’t know, something, yesterday, but I forgot it was my birthday and I really don’t feel like putting the extra effort (read: stare at monitor, scratch my ass, pound on keyboard, cry, fart, give up, take a nap and then polish it all off with a false sense of accomplishment) into writing something thoughtful.

So we’ll just do a haiku and then tomorrow I’ll take you, my befuddled minion, back under my fetid wing and placate you with pictures from my special birthday dinner.

Forsooth, indulgent
glory, for acts that command
no talent or skill.

(The “forsooth” was for Sarah.)


13 thoughts on “a totally self-centered blog post about my birthday

  1. Hey happy birthday! Mine’s on the 16th so I’m going to blog about it everyday starting NOW so no one forgets!!!! ;D ;D ;D

    For real though, happy birthday.

  2. Wait….aren’t you supposed to celebrate for a full month and throw yourself a party or something for your birthday? I also missed your half birthday. How can this be?

  3. happy birthday!! i’m disappointed there are no fresh-out-of-the-oven pics. please make sure to capture that moment in a few months, it’s imperative!

  4. No offense, but your mom did all the work. So if you’re talking to her today, wish her a happy birthday from me.

    You’ll understand this soon enough.

    However, I’ll drink in your (and your mom’s!) honor this weekend. Enjoy your mocktails and early bedtime!!! muahahahah.

  5. There was an article in Slate recently where some guy kept changing his Facebook birthday to see if anyone noticed – so he had “birthdays” in three consecutive weeks. Indeed, many people wrote exactly the same thing all three times.

    On that note – happy birthday 🙂

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