macro madness + Friday haiku

Confession: When I make a comment on your blog, I usually only read the replies that correspond to my particular remarks. Sometimes I don’t even do that. Hell, sometimes I don’t even read the entire post.

When I subscribe to comments, I end up with anywhere from five to 987 emails in my inbox (NEVER subscribe to a post that’s been freshly pressed), all of which typically get deleted without being read…until today.

I have had more fun reading the comments on Angry Runner’s image macro post than probably any other blog post I’ve ever read. IN MY LIFE. No hyperbole.

And you know why?

I’m just so proud of all of you for coming out of the woodwork and declaring your true feelings in the form of a hastily assembled image macro. [wipes tear]

If you haven’t already, go on over there and check it out. And if you haven’t been over there in a few hours, check it out again.

Macro mania,
it’s funny because it’s true.
Christ, what an asshole.


8 thoughts on “macro madness + Friday haiku

  1. It was just too perfect. I feel unprepared though, I feel I should be able to contribute! Judging people and making bitchy comments are what I do best! I’m hoping to sleep on it and be inspired… my mind is racing.

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