humbling pregnancy moment #276

In a restaurant today, I was trying to squeeze between two chairs. It did not appear to be that narrow of a space, and would have more than accommodated my hips and ass six months ago. Today, my ass bumped one chair and my belly bumped the other.

You’d think that would make me release the dreath-grip I’ve got on this bag of circus animal cookies, but no.


10 thoughts on “humbling pregnancy moment #276

  1. I love how there’s an ad on the right saying “Become a Personal Trainer” with a pic of the most unbelievably sculpted abs on the planet. Asshole marketing at its finest.

  2. embrace it my love. best excuse on the planet for a little extra junk in the trunk(s). And can you please post some goddamn pictures please? I’d like to ohh and awww over your what I’m sure is extremely adorable pregnant belly and make you feel embarassed by bombarding you with a million comments about it. kthanx.

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