so you wanna see pictures?


Here’s a picture of all the clothes that no longer fit me.

I'll stop making fat jokes about the cat now.

Here’s a picture of our progress on the baby’s room.

Hey, at least we took down the gun rack.

Here’s something I like to call a bacon cheesesalad.

If you look closely, you can see some lettuce under all the bacon and cheese.

And here’s me…

You're welcome.

Now, who’s hungry?


21 thoughts on “so you wanna see pictures?

  1. I hate seeing pictures of where people who aren’t in NYC live. My whole apartment could fit in your baby room.

    But I think we need a side view (of you) there for the full effect.

  2. I love you. And good call on the gun rack.
    “A gun rack? A gun rack. Sh’yeah, great. I don’t even own A gun…let alone many guns necessitating an entire rack.”

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