there will be beer


Remember when I used to drink? That was fun.

Last night I was thinking about where this blog has gone (downhill) since I became pregnant. And then I saw a little snippet about me on GOMI (proudest moment ever!) where someone referred to me as snarky and pregnant. This is accurate. I AM snarky and pregnant. But I think maybe some people don’t even know I used to be a beer runner.

The fact is, I used to run (poorly) and I used to drink a lot of beer (A LOT.) Not scary a lot, just the right amount of a lot. If you don’t believe me, click the “beer” category. Hint: It’s right over there under all the ads. —->

I had a pretty good routine going: Every day I ran and every day I drank a beer: instant blog content. But now any sense of a routine has gone out the window. I only work out when I feel like it. And I don’t run, I walk. Oh, sometimes there’s a little jogging interspersed, but I’m of the opinion that walking isn’t running. It’s just not.

I do like to swim and lift weights and sometimes I just like to eat frozen yogurt on the couch in my underwear. And while I enjoy doing these things, I’ve found that writing about them bores me to tears. And I think we all can agree there’s nothing more tedious than trying to make something interesting out of something banal. You have to fake it and you have to add in a lot of “whoop-whoops” and “huzzahs” and even then, I doubt you, my dear readers, would fall for it.

I also recognize the fact that I complain a lot. Maybe more than I used to. I’m not apologizing, and I assure you, I do actually love being pregnant. My big round belly is sort of a riot (except when I’m trying to sleep). I just think it’s more funny and entertaining to whine about the weird, gross and fat things that are happening to my body rather than gush about how wonderful and beautiful and special I feel. There are enough positive blogs out there. Not nearly as many that are realistic and honest.

So I will continue to snark and be pregnant and when I read something on the internet that is so stupid, it boggles my mind, I will make remarks about it in a roundabout way and we will chuckle into our hands because we all know exactly what I’m talking about.

But I will be a beer runner again some day. I’ll be a mom beer runner. And my baby will be metal.


28 thoughts on “there will be beer

  1. As I was going through that SOMI thread, at first I was like “why am I reading this nonsense?” but then I scrolled down to the CNC vs AR twitter dramz and was like “squeeee” ❤

  2. How did I miss that drama?!? Oh right, I was in Philly, not attending seminars.
    And for the record, I really like your whole take on the pregnancy thing. Not that I don’t love knowing what kind of fruit or veggie your baby resembles this week, but the whole gym-issues and running troubles are preparing me for what I can only imagine is going to be a horrific (yet wonderful) experience.

    • Thanks! If I were ambitious or had more forethought, I would have done a weekly post comparing my baby to inappropriate things like sex toys and cuts of meat. Oh well, maybe next time!

  3. So I don’t know how I completely missed the Twitter nonsense over the weekend, but I’m so sad I did. Actually, I did see you guys talking about someone being hypocritical while in a seminar, but I was too lazy to figure out what you were talking about. So lame.

  4. Well, there goes my afternoon. Reading the GOMI site forum that is.

    I also enjoy your talking about pregnancy. I know not everyone wants to hear about teh behbehs, but considering this whole spawning thing is knocking on my door, I need to get serious about dealing with losing running, obscene amounts of coffee, and beer for 9-12-15?!?! months, keep preaching the truth. You will be an awesome mom beer runner. I have a good friend who is newly pregnant and who is full of snark and has a love of beer like me, and we made a pact to be cool moms and not lose our pre-child identities. If you put your mind to it….

    • Thanks! I try not to harp on it daily, but its really the only thing going on in my life. My blog will probably get a lot more idiotic after she’s born.

  5. Love GOMI. Makes me feel sane. Also, I like hearing about the real side of pregnancy, good or bad. Keep it coming.

  6. GOMI is such a guilty pleasure. I think someone mentioned in the comments (a fashion/style blogger, I believe) that it’s really opened up her eyes at the inane trends and helped her to avoid them. I’m no style of healthy living blogger, but it has kept me from thinking twice about what I post/tweet/photograph. I’ve been hoping they’d start featuring some of the healthy living bloggers because the current targets are getting boring, but right now they’re relegated to the forum.

    • Yeah, I really am not familiar with a lot of the bloggers they post about, I don’t read a lot of fashion blogs, but I think a lot of their critiques apply to many of the popular HLBs.

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