You know I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore

So, the #1 baby question people ask me (after “when are you due?” and “what are you having?”) is “what are you naming it?”

SHH! It’s private! No tellsies! I’ll over-share absolutely every single other juicy, intimate detail of my life, but for some reason the baby’s name is TOP SECRET. (Tomorrow I’ll describe how sneezing sometimes makes me pee a little and I’ll show you about two dozen photos of my stretchmarks!)

Actually, since I’m a mega huge narcissist and I know you’re dying to be privileged to all aspects of my glamorous lifestyle, I will share some ideas we’ve been tossing around. Just swear you guys won’t make fun of them!

Li’l M
Pascual Romero II
la Nina
‡ (that’s “Double Dagger” but we’d call her ‘Dubs’ for short)
Sarah Michelle

What’s your favorite baby name (on this list?)


32 thoughts on “You know I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore

  1. I thought for sure you would channel your inner Gwyneth Paltrow and name the baby Apple. Maybe you could choose another fruit: Kumquat is pretty.

  2. I prefer the name Chia. I sounds ethnic and I’m sure she’ll be the only one in her kindergarten class with the name. If you must go with one on the list, I’d do Coco.

  3. UGH. I had an Eclampsia in my class one year; total devil child. Worst student ever. The Chobanis I have are all angels, though.

    How about Lufituaeb? It’s beautfiul, spelled backwards.

    • Oooh, and maybe I could even ask Chevy to sponsor her. I mean, this is all about getting paid, right? Whoops, I mean this is all about living my dream, right?

  4. I agree with AR- Pascual Romero II made me laugh the hardest (and now my coworkers are looking at me expecting me to share what was funny- no! It’s a secret!). I think I especially enjoy the fact that the “II” would come before her last name. That’s trailblazing, right there.

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