because it’s November 1

Eddie says after the baby comes, I can quit one of my night jobs.

So, yeah, I did give my notice of resignation to my “day gig” yesterday. My last day is November 23. But I’ve also been moonlighting as a marketing coordinator for my friend’s business and I’ll be going back to work for him after a brief what I’ll call maternity leave. My “W-9 job,” as I affectionately refer to it, doesn’t have benefits, insurance or a 401k plan, but I enjoy the work. And the best part: I can do this job from home. No 40 minute commute, no paying a day care 800 bucks a month to raise my kid for me, no feigning interest in my coworkers’ inane anecdotes. At this point, I really don’t know if it’s long term or temporary, but I’ll take what I can get.

I know you guys were dying to get three posts a day from me, diatribes about the toils of being a full-time mommy and recipes for wholesome homemade baby food, but tough titties. It will be enough of a struggle trying to raise the kid, work, run and drink beer every day without also trying to juggle a blog that still isn’t paying for itself.

All right, enough of that. Let’s talk about what you all really came here to talk about today: jesus christ what’s that SMELL? HOW IT’S NOVEMBER 1 AND YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

Not a month goes by that some blogger isn’t shocked that another month has gone by.

I guess I can look forward to another round of sanctimonious blog posts about being thankful? As if you are the only thankful person on the planet and the rest of us, if it weren’t for your supreme guidance, would just sit around being selfish, ungrateful shitheads? (To be fair, I will either way.) I have yet to see a prolific, eloquent or even remotely unique blog post about being thankful that didn’t reek of “NOVEMBER = THANKFUL POST! INSTANT BLOG CONTENT!” (But if you know of any and like proving people wrong on the internet, please send them my way.)

Also, this.

I don’t have anything else to tell you right now except that I got five hours of sleep last night and there is a human foot poking up under my rib cage.

Kisses –


14 thoughts on “because it’s November 1

  1. I think I’m just going to get rid of calendars all together. Excessive pumpkin talk? Must be October! “OMG-THE-NEW-MICHAEL-BUBLE-CHRISTMAS-ALBUM-IS-OUT!” Happy Holidays. “WEEEEEE PEEPS!!” Happy Resurrection, Jesus.

  2. Also soon to be heard: “Ugh…I’m so busy because of the HOLIDAYS!!!”

    I hate that the most. Seriously, it takes a day to buy gifts and wrap them. STFU.

  3. You mean you didn’t write a post linking to all your amazing posts from the month of October. I mean October was a whole 31 days! We need to have the highlights so we can reminisce over what you ate for lunch on October 12th.

  4. Ya, so i’m glad you resigned that crazy ass job, but i’m really going to miss your coworker tweets. Perhaps you can make some up still? I apply them liberally to my own personal daily hell. They fit so well!

  5. Color me jealous about not paying for daycare. Quitting the 9-5 to do something from home is a long time dream of mine. Not like BRB learning how to make money off ma blog!!! work from home, like doing what I do now, but from home. My previous job we had the option and it was glorious. I am one of those people who can get more done at home by myself in 3 hours than I can in 8 at my work place.

    I am going to write a post about the things I am not thankful for.

    • Yay! I did an unthankful post one year and it was a big hit. With me. I have so little interaction with my coworkers, I could have done this job from home too…and kept my 401k. C’est la vie.

      Also: the first time I read your comment I thought it said jesus instead of jealous. Regardless, I’m totally going to start saying “color me jesus” now. ❤

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