Life begins at 4 months

Time to come clean: I’ve been pulling a colossal prank on you for the last year. I DIDN’T REALLY HAVE A BABY. That was just my cat dressed in drag.

No, but seriously: on this day one year ago, my husband, per tradition, was at the bar watching the opening home game of the Chicago Cubs and I was in the bathroom at work, peeing on a stick. The Cubs lost, and I was knocked up. Thus began another dismal Cubs baseball season and the once and for all decline of my precious ass and blog.

No, but really seriously: some of you might not understand this, but life doesn’t actually begin at conception. It begins when your baby makes a noise that sounds like she might be saying “mama.”

So now it’s officially “too late.” Happy 4 month birthday, kid.

7 thoughts on “Life begins at 4 months

  1. You’re so lucky I live really far away because otherwise I might try and get you drunk and steal her. I KID! Seriously though she is so sweet. And we should really get drunk together some day, baby stealing aside.

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