All the way

Even though I’m not in Chicago, and even though I’m not drinking today, and even though the Cubs always lose the season opener, I thought I’d spread a little Wrigley cheer…

Eddie Vedder, “All the Way”

Steve Goodman, “Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request”

“Cubs Win” MLB12 Commercial

Serengeti, “Don’t Blame Steve”

Ferris Bueller screening at Wrigley Field (I was looking for the “who’s winning” clip, but this will have to do.)

Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeouts (my personal favorite)

And the famous Wrigley Field urinal trough dive…ew.



12 thoughts on “All the way

  1. Teh hubz said they choked today. I said at least the fans got to enjoy old style tall boys, unlike me. They win! (I am merely a fan by proxy, but I’m sure I will buy some ridiculous baby cubs gear soon. )

  2. What’s the score? Nothin Nothin. Who’s winning? The bears. Haaha my brother and I still quote that whenever someone asks whos winning a game…classic.

    Good luck to your cubbies! I always secretely root for them, until they’re playing my phils.

  3. Part of the reason I run the LA Marathon is because it starts at Dodger Stadium and gives me a pseudo baseball fix a couple of weeks before the home opener. It comes at the right time when I’m really starting to miss baseball. Plus, it’s cool to be sitting in there at dawn trying to keep warm and waiting for the race to start. Happy opening day (a few days late).

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