the week in decisions

Bad decision: Digging out a pair of Asics Gel Landreth 6s that I wore twice two years ago and hated. I’ve been waking up with creaky ankles and achy feet and I thought maybe in my weakened (read: fattened) state, I could use some extra cushioning. I know. They made everything worse. I felt like I was running in sand. Two miles in and I had to give up and walk. Me and the Asics are fucking done professionally. Again.

Good decision: Going back to the Kinvaras. Still the most light and comfortable shoe I own. And it turns out, my sludgy ankles don’t hate them nearly as much as they hate cushioning.

Bad decision: Wearing them without socks. My gorilla pads of yore have reverted back to delicate, dainty little indoor non-running feet and the result was a nasty blister on the inside of my left arch. Impressive for only running 2 miles. The only cure: more running. And more cowbell.

Good decision: Running with the stroller. I haven’t generally felt any badasser with the stroller, but running without it today, some badassery crept up on me and out of nowhere I ran two and some change at a 9:15 pace. Lesson: if you want to get faster, schlep a baby along with you on your runs.

Bad decision: Forgetting to double up on the sports bras and trying to run anyway. This time, it wasn’t the jostling so much as the prominent post-pump protuberances. I think I heard some teenage boys calling me “Nip.”

Good decision: Swimming after my run. Because an 82°F pool is the closest I ever plan to get to an ice bath.

Bad decision: Trying to run home again after that swim. The magic was gone and, feeling much more like my old self, I putzed along at a 10:00 pace to the melodious sound of my thighs brushing together.

Good decision: Crooked Tree IPA and unfrozen turkey chili. Not going to do anything for my thighs, but at least it helped me forget about my nipples.


11 thoughts on “the week in decisions

  1. What the hell is a landreth? That’s the worse name for a running shoe. Seems so clunky. And yay for some 9:15 miles! I knew those strollers and babies added extra weight, but had no clue just how much until my cousin told me about pushing her boys. They’re big guys. I got tired just holding the 7 month old.

    • hey, thanks! yeah, I’m sort of having a blast running with the stroller, even though it’s a pain.

      I had such bad luck getting fitted at running stores, I just started buying whatever shoes I wanted and it worked out so much better for me. I’ve been alternating Kinvaras with the Adidas marathons and never felt better.

  2. I love that you’re reheating your chili like it’s a baby bottle. I think that means you’re officially an adult/parent. I still put my frozen shit in the sink, run water over it and hope for the best. Also, those strollers are no joke. Good for hiding the nips behind, too, I’d bet.

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