Google this for me (a giveaway, possibly)

So, I was cleaning out my car the other day and came across this:

Ah, the elusive note scribbled on a bar coaster. What does it mean? I have no idea! So I am calling on you dear readers to figure it out.

Correct answers as well as creative guesses will both be considered. I will choose a random winner and send you whatever it is.*


*Unless it turns out to be something expensive or abstract or foreign.


13 thoughts on “Google this for me (a giveaway, possibly)

  1. Apparently that’s directions to a pretty good Thai restaurant in Indianapolis, Jasmine Thai (at least via Google Maps). The Hazeldale is near the Hazel Dell freeway, misspelled?

    I feel like Encyclopedia Brown.

    • Let it be known that I was coming with the same answer, but Cindy is a faster googler than I.

      I like this game! Let’s play it again!

  2. I didn’t even have to google that – I’m assuming it’s Jasmine Thai up on 96th and hazel dell. WHY WOULD YOU GO TO CARMEL?!?!

  3. You met your 96th person named Jazmine on Hazeldell. She was an interesting person, and gave you a golf/Michelob Ultra coaster because you lied and told her you are a fantastic golfer.

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  5. This is clearly from when you were shopping mail-order brides for your husband because you wanted a sister wife. Jasmine was the 96th search result and Hazel Dale was the runner-up. I didn’t even have to Google it.

  6. I agree with most other postings, it’s a Thai restaurant on 96th Street in Indy.
    Hey, I only live a few hours from you. Let’s do lunch! 🙂

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