In lieu of actual content…

I don’t have anything mind-blowing to report, but I did have an iced coffee today.

Anyway. The run streak continues. Today was day 11, which is six days more than I’ve ever run consecutively in my life. Too bad the measly mileage I’m putting down completely invalidates the streak.

I ran a mile to the gym, where I plunked my tired-ass legs into the pool and aqua-waddled for about 20 minutes.  I have had some discomfort in my hips and pelvic joints, and also my knees and ankles, and I keep waiting for that magical moment where I transcend, but it hasn’t happened yet. I feel like it might be time to throw in the towel.

Things I’m doing to my own detriment:

Not any strength work. I hate it. It’s boring. I’m just not willing to make the effort. I swim a few days a week, but I’d be kidding myself if I thought it was enough to actually be meaningful.

Not varying my running activities enough. I run on the same paved fitness trail around my gym every day and it’s getting a little tedious. All the same parts of me are getting hammered without a break and that wasn’t the point of this.

Running in old shoes. I have these Adidas Marathons that I just love, but they’re worn out. I trained and trail ran and wore them as street shoes for most of last year. But it seems kind of pretentious and wasteful to buy new running shoes when I’m not even running 20 miles a week. I know a bunch of you guys walk out the front door every day to find 50 pairs of new shoes piled up on your doorstep from shoe companies that want you to queef and drool all the fuck over them on your blog, and you can wear a different pair of shoes every day of the week, but I’ve alienated any potential sponsors by using words like queef and fuck all the time. And yeah, I know the badass runners of yore ran in old tire tread strapped to their feet but I am not badass.*

So yeah, that was fun but I might be done with it. I’m not saying I’m going to wise up and start lifting weights or taking care of my feet or stretching, but I will consider the possibility that you can’t kick start your triumphant return to running by doing a mile or two a day while holding onto all of your bad, lazy habits. Bad, lazy, fat, jealous, ugly and sad habits.

Oh, look at the baby:

At least I'm good at making good-looking babies.

*For the purposes of just this post, I am not badass.


30 thoughts on “In lieu of actual content…

  1. I have a little 3 day streak going on. I thought of you when I realized that. Post-marathon I’ve been pretty lazy and rarely even run on consecutive days. I still think you’re a badass even if you don’t run in huaraches.

    • Hey, you’re a badass too! And you deserve a little break after that marathon. Mine sucked so bad, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to try another one.

  2. Aww you look so pretty in that first picture!

    I appreciate colitis being a reason to throw in the towel, as God knows I still pull that card. (Pssst, don’t tell anyone, but I actually don’t have colitis anymore. Can’t have a sick large intestine without an actual large intestine. But that’s our little secret, because it is a damn good excuse and one no one argues with.)

    The baby is pretty cute, good work there.

  3. At least you have a streak. I have not run in weeks. I’m convincing myself that biking to and from work (a little over 5 miles each way) is a workout, but it’s not. You do make cute babies!

    • Pfffft. I would kill myself if I tried to ride on any bike other than the stationary ones at the gym. I am bicycle-ically challenged.

  4. Ommmgggggg…. I luuuurrrrvvvvv Starbucks!

    Nice work on Day 11. I don’t think I will ever make it that many days in a row. So you’re more bad ass than I shall ever be. Although you probably already knew that.

    Ohhhh a baby! (In all seriousness, she’s flippin’ cute. And it takes a lot for me to say that, being as how 80% of my friends on facebook post pictures of their babies. So I’m like an expert.)

    • Heh! I love you. I run like a mile but thanks for making me feel superbad.

      My husband loves pointing out how all the babies on TV are ugly.

  5. I admire your persistence, I’ve pretty much just accepted that I suck at running and only do it when I feel like I won’t want to kill myself mid stride. And seriously, get that baby an agent!!!!!!!!!!

  6. To clarify, have you been doing the majority of this running with the stroller? Because if so, you’re a little more badass than you’re letting on. I’m just sayin. Also, the baby has a look on her face like you just farted…did you?

    • Ha!! It’s likely in our house. We’re all just a bunch of fahtahs. I do 2-3 times a week with the stroller, and daily walks, but there’s no way I could run with her every day. Maybe if it was all downhill, but then I’d need a ride home.

  7. Look Chickyboo, you are doing just fine. At least you’re exercising and making an effort unlike most people, including me.
    I am trying a healthier lifestyle, eating better, eliminating junkfood, that kind of crap. But exercise? I hate it. HATE IT. I would run only if being chased by an ax murderer. I have lost over 20lbs just making a few changes but can’t seem to get motivated to exercise which I know damn well is good for me.
    Just keep running (as you feel like it) and supplying us with baby pictures.
    I’m thinking, maybe if somebody dangled a bottle of wine in front of me as I was on the treadmill, juuuuuuuust out of my reach……..

  8. Now this is just MY two cents…but I hated strength training too! It was sooo slow and boring and I’d lose interest. But a running injury lead me to do it in the interim and I grew to really like it. I saw immediate results, too. Lost 5 pounds and started to see definition. Now it’s 2 years later and I am still weight lifting and I LOVE IT.

    • Yoooooou’re right. :/ And I would love some definition. *I* know I have a little muscle under there, but you’d never know it from looking at me. I used to really love yoga, but I stopped going when I got all sorts of pregnant and I haven’t been back yet. =D

  9. As part of your fan club (of course, with a blog peppered with words like queef & fuck you deserve it), may I use the opportunity?? Take the pressure off yourself! Forget mileage, pace, strength training and all crap of that nature. One foot in front of another is a good goal to have right now! And (fan club stuff) you are doing a great job with the stroller running & swimming! Yaay! Don’t throw in the towel yet – wait till your baby is old enough to say “Did you forget to pick me up because you were in your running la-la land, again?” – That day is not far, I warn you, based on personal experience.

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