A little bitter

I have a love/hate relationship with the Indianapolis 500Fest Mini Marathon (it’s tomorrow). I’ve run it nearly every year since I’ve lived here, except for one year I had a sprained ankle and last year when I was pregnant.

With more than 35,000 participant, it’s the nation’s largest half marathon, and I’ve since realized the advantages of running a smaller race: I’m not fast enough to get preferred seeding, which means I start out crammed between a bunch of people who may or may not be actually running. Once, I started out in the 10:00 pace corral next to a lady wearing jeans and carrying her purse. So the sheer volume of annoying people in any big race can be frustrating, but this was the very first half marathon I ran, and it holds a special place in my pudgy little heart. Plus you get to do a lap around the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is kind of neat. (I’ve never been into cars or racing, but I’m told it is kind of neat.)

A happy moment on the motor speedway.

Back in November, I actually thought about registering for the race, thinking, surely I’ll be ready for a half by May, that gives me four months to train! Hah. Considering I’m barely running 13 miles a WEEK right now, I’m so glad I didn’t jump the gun and waste money on a race that would be absolutely miserable in my current condition. (And judging by the forecast for tomorrow, it looks like it may be pretty miserable for everyone!)

Anyway, I’m still a little bitter. It just sucks hearing all about it on the news and from friends, and knowing I’m not going to be there. But Indy has a couple of great Fall half marathons and I’ll definitely be ready and itching to race again by then.

As for today, you shitheads be careful out there! And don’t talk to me about the race. I’ll be drowning my sorrows in beer and baby barf until Sunday.



4 thoughts on “A little bitter

  1. Ah yes, I did the mini in 2007 (I believe). Luckily, the weather was muuuuuch cooler. I liked running around the track, but damn if it isn’t long. I remember them playing “Livin’ on a Prayer” — do they always do that?

    • haha, yes I think so! That sounds very familiar. I was just joking with a friend about how they always play Hurts So Good by Mellencamp too. And the GD Black Eyed Peas…

  2. So there’s always next year, right? By then, you could totally beat that lady in jeans carrying her purse. 😉

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