important events happening in my non-blogging life

It’s been a while. I think I might be losing that talent for daily blogging that some might argue I never had in the first place. Also my talent for writing sentences. Or thinking coherent thoughts in my head. It’s very likely my cerebral cortex has become crusted over with a fine layer of barley wine and baby barf.

Anyway. It’s streak day 24. Honestly, I think I’m at the point where I’m just doing this out of spite. I’m not getting any faster or stronger and I am certainly not learning anything. I have not transcended. I just really like looking at the string of back-to-back days on the Garmin site.


Here are some of the pathetic numbers since the streak began April 20:

Weekly mileage:

Week of 4/16 (half week): 7
Week of 4/23: 15
Week of 4/30: 13
Week of 5/7: 17

Total miles: 53
Total time: 9h:32m
Average distance: 2.14 miles
Average pace: 10:43

For those of you who may have just stumbled onto this blog, I JUST HAD A BABY SO FUCK OFF.

I’ve been running with the stroller almost exclusively so I’m not running fast, and despite what I just said four or five sentences ago, I do think running has been getting easier so there is the possibility that this hasn’t all been an exercise in futility. At any rate, I’ve been having fun.

I did start doing a little strength work (grudingly) in the way of my Jillian tapes. Usually around 9 or 10 p.m. after the baby’s asleep and after I’ve had six or seven beers. Because the best workouts are the ones you don’t even remember.

[awkward segue into beer talk]

More important than what I’ve been doing to my body is what I’ve been putting in it. (See there? I set up a dick joke for you. You’re welcome.) Beer. I discovered a brewery in Indianapolis that I did not even know existed.

Triton Brewing is way the hell on the opposite side of Indy from me, so it’s not weird that I don’t stop by there every day on my way home from not having a job. I found a six-pack of the Rail Splitter IPA at Trader Joe’s last week, and the friendly bagger (ha?) told me that Triton is the only Indianapolis brewery that actually bottles and distributes their beer. (Can anyone confirm? Oaken Barrel is technically in Greenwood, and Sun King distributes cans only.)

Come take a look at how Triton Brewing Company works. Take a weekend brewery tour, talk shop, or simply enjoy your favorite beer in our smoke-free, family-friendly tasting room. We also have flat screen televisions so you won’t miss any sporting action. All ages are welcome.

Sounds like we’re going to have to take the baby up there for a tasting. She’s probably already developing a very sophisticated pallet due to the all the beer in my breast milk. KIDDING. Don’t flip out.

Also, 100% of Triton Brewing Company’s spent grain goes to local farms to be used as feed for cattle and poultry! And since a lot of local cattle and poultry goes into me, I am pretty much consuming this beer in every way possible.

Rail Splitter is a 7% ABV (NICE), 70 IBU India pale ale. Sharply floral, but finishes malty and smooth, in that way that makes it really easy to take down four or five big swigs without coming up for air. I had two of them last night and became awkwardly buzzed before I thought to check the ABV on the bottle. Not complaining, though.

Plans for the week: more running, more beer, more baby barf. I had every intention of writing up something clever and thoughtful for Kenzie’s 5-month birthday, but it came and went and that cerebral cortex thing continued to sputter and fizz. But I assure you: she is still astonishingly cute and extraordinarily advanced for her age.



7 thoughts on “important events happening in my non-blogging life

    • The other day I saw a chick ROLLER BLADING with one of those fancy baby carts that are fully enclosed. I immediately envisioned myself tripping over a twig, face planting on the stroller and breaking both our necks. But she was cruising along like it was nothing. Bitch.

  1. Are there monkeys on her feet? Bc if there are freaking monkeys on that sweet little nuggets feet, i might just lose my mind.

    BRB going to make one of those!

    • Haha, yes! My cousin gave us a whole OUTFIT with the monkey motif. There’s even a hat with little monkey ears on it that is always a big hit with…oh, that’s right I never leave the house. It’s always a big hit with the cats.

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