does this look broken to you?

Like the graceful and delicate swan I am, last night I plodded straight into the coffee table and smashed my favorite toe.

I’d like to say I put on a brave face so I could teach my baby a valuable lesson about putting on a brave face, but I did not. (Also, she’s a BABY.) I collapsed on the floor and cursed while a few fat, angry (sad clumsy ugly) tears squirted out of my tightly clenched lids.

Yeah. I run 30 days in a row without hurting myself and then promptly trip over a table in my house. I’m certain this is going to put a damper on my Glorious and Ambitious Fitness Program.


11 thoughts on “does this look broken to you?

  1. I remember possibly doing that before (while possibly drinking) and my toe turning a much deeper shade of purple, but it went away after a few days.

  2. Where the hell did you find nail polish that color?

    I actually feel for you today. I was outside bringing in the trash can earlier and it started to pour. I ran into the garage only to kick the little cement ledge at the entrance. I said “fuck” at least a hundred times. Broke two nails too.

  3. Ugh hope it’s not as bad as it looks.

    One of my favorite clips! Reminds me of when a crushed my finger in my garage door…the big overhead door not the man door (yes man door is the correct term). There were ugly tears.

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