Yep, so we survived the flight home with no hissy fits, blowouts or eye-gougings (I really need to trim her fingernails). We got home late Friday after a delayed flight and nobody went to bed before midnight (and somebody still woke us up at the crack of dawn), but I think we’re finally caught up on our sleep and ready to start day drinking and ripping shit up again.

Since I haven’t been anywhere cool in a long time and really have nothing of substance to say anyway, how about you indulge me for a moment and look at a few photos from our little excursion and also, oh hey did I mention teh hubz and I got to have our first date night out together in six months? We saw Roger Waters in concert performing The Wall, while Kenzie’s Gangy and Pop Pop babysat. (Sidenote: they didn’t travel 1300 miles just to babysit; they were coming for a visit anyway so we forced them.)

I think it’s kind of lame when people do an entire post on a concert they went to (Look what I wore! Look at my blurry pictures of the stage from the nosebleed section! Look at me enjoying myself!), but this one certainly at least bears mentioning. It was fantastic.  Way better than whatever stupid concert you went to and blogged about. Oh, and 20 points to whoever can name the dude on the right in the first photo. (I know he’s blurry but you should still know this. And there will be no prize for the winner.)














12 thoughts on “scenes

  1. So jealous. The first song I ever learned to play on the guitar was “Wish You Were Here”. And the Blanket comment made me laugh audibly. Well played.

  2. Day drinking is the best thing ever. Except when you’re pretty far-gone by 3pm, and your sister’s graduation party – the one you got to skip the ceremony for so that you could stay home and get everything ready – doesn’t start till 6. I don’t know how I sobered up but I *think* no one noticed?

  3. So are the ranier cherries cheaper there? I love em, but if I wanted $6 a lb produce I would only shop at whole foods.

    Looks like a fun trip! Those beers look delightfully hoppy.

    • They weren’t even cheaper! But that was the only thing I bought at the market (besides beer) so I rationalized it was okay. I think they tasted better than any cherry I’ve ever had though. (That sounds dirty.)

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