Brew Mile or, how I don’t know how to run a mile

So, I don’t know if you remember a while back I said one of my short-term goals was to run a mile all-out? I sort of did that last night, and I realized that I really have no idea how to run a mile.

I (sadly) just learned this week that a local running store has been hosting a charity Brew Mile monthly during the summer at each of the Indy breweries. I KNOW. It’s a totally non-goal-oriented, non-chipped, fun mile run, and the $5 entry gets you a pint of beer.

Last night’s run was at Triton Brewing, which I recently remarked was way the hell on the other side of town from me, so what we saved on the race entry we made up for in gas.

TEH HUBZ and TEH BEBE came along to cheer me on to victory, and even though it was a casual and very short race, it was really fun to have them there.

The race was, in fact, so casual, it started about 10 minutes late. Buddy Kate and I got antsy, so we ran back inside the brewery to share a quick beer. Naturally, that’s when the race started, so, oopsie, down the hatch, and we were off.

So yeah, running a mile sounds fun, but I’m so used to starting out slowly and pacing myself (for the purposes of this post, lets pretend I do that), I had no idea what I was doing. Should I have done a warmup run? Some high-knees across the parking lot? Not drank that beer (yeah right)?

If I hadn’t been running for FUN, I might have given it some more thought, but I wasn’t trying to be all for serious about it. There were only a couple of those kind of pompous-looking fellows who insisted on treating this run like it was the Olympic time trials. You know the type: shorty shorts, no shirt, finish in four minutes, heaving, and then dump water all over their narrow, soft, hairless chests. Also a girl who announced to anyone who’d listen that shed ALREADY DONE FIVE MILES TODAY SO I’M JUST DOING THIS ONE FOR FUN!!! Good to know, hun.

So basically I just ran all fast and sloppy like, picking up the pace when it felt right. We started out at about an 8:30 and ran the final stretch at about a 7:20 pace, overall an 8:15 mile, which is really not bad for me, considering the beer and the no-warmup. I think under different circumstances, I could have easily managed to finish in 8 minutes.

Okay, enough of that running horseshit, lets talk about the beer! After the race, all the runners formed a line outside and around the block to redeem their pint, while Kate and I sauntered inside, where my husband had a table waiting for us. We’ve never felt smarter, or more smug.

Or more sweaty.

Hubhubhubbykins and I had the Rail Splitter IPA (7% ABV/70 IBU) which I’ve had before, but obviously it was much better on draft. I feel like maybe I should have sampled some other beers while we were there…? Kate had the Sin Bin Belgian Pale (6.2% ABV/19 IBU), which incidentally is the official beer of the Indianapolis Ice. (Oh, you didn’t know Indy had a hockey team? That’s okay, I don’t think INDY knows that Indy has a hockey team.)

The tap room doesn’t serve food regularly, but they did have EIGHT food trucks (#clustertruck) out front last night with everything from gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese to fancy cupcakes, grilled pizza, Indian food and comfort food.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting back into racing. Yesterday’s run, silly as it was, really gave me that itch to race (or maybe I just need to wash these shorts). And  we’re not going to push it, but if Kenzie ever says she wants to do a 5k with me, I will probably burst into fat, ugly tears of joy.


15 thoughts on “Brew Mile or, how I don’t know how to run a mile

  1. I’ve raced the mile plenty of times and I still don’t know how to pace it properly. Nice work! And excellent pre-race carb consumption!

  2. I’ve always wondered if a quick pre-run alcoholic beverage would help dull the pain of a fast/short/painful race, but I figured something along the lines of a shot instead of a big old beer. Thoughts?

    • Yeah, I feel like the idea has merit, i just wish there were some clinical trials to back it up. (Any scientists with grant money out there who wanna take this on??) Definitely not a beer though, I could feel it wanting to bubble back up through the whole thing. A shot that’s not too harsh or acidic might be just the thing.

      • A friend of mine did an ultra where whiskey shots were offered at aid stations. She said it really helped with the last few miles.

  3. All I can think about right now is that I NEED to find a run like that in Chicago. Also, I went to a Cubs game last week, drank 2 beers and 3 seven+sevens and then RAN 1.5 MILES TO MY VOLLEYBALL game. And I didn’t boot! Everyone knows all the cool runners drink before they run.

  4. Nice! I swear, the promise of beer after a race (or sometimes before?) is always the best of motivation. There’s a women’s run here every week I think that always ends with happy beer times. I really need to work on scheduling that in…

  5. Nice mile! Short race plus beer equals a good day in my book.

    Fun fact! My brother tried out for the Ice back in the day. He played around here instead which worked out better for me since I could go to more games. It’s all about me of course.

  6. I’m pretty sure Anna Pierce and Jenny Simpson are reading this and taking notes. Awesome mile for so many reasons – the beer, the finish time, the adorbz baby. Now I kind of want to run a mile race too, just to see what it’s like. Stupid metric system…

  7. NO MOAR BREW MILE! Post something new! Love, a lurker you’ve never met who still feels entitled to regular insights into your personal life.

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