blackout part II


This is the one where I curse myself for wasting that title What happened I blacked out on that blog post two weeks ago when it was entirely irrelevant.

Kenzie’s been sleeping like total shit lately, waking up an average of 80 times a night. (And if you dare utter the words six month sleep regression I will tear your face off your head and feed it to you.) On top of that, I got sick and spent the better part of a week convinced I had either whooping cough or the zombie plague or full-blown AIDS. Then we went to Chicago for a few days and I managed to climb out of my death bed and into about 10 gallons of Old Style. And I left my phone charger, laptop and the whole of the Internets at home, so I’ve pretty much been off the grid until now.

I’m happy to be alive and back in front of this screen! I’d like to tell you about road tripping with a six-month old, how I had to pump breastbeer breastmilk in a nursing lounge at Wrigley Field and all the new and interesting beers I drank, but you probably don’t really give a shit, and anyway, there are much more pressing matters at hand: the Firecracker 6 is Wednesday morning and I’d really love to do it, but I’ve gone and–involuntarily, this time–taken another week off from running (save for a quick mile run with the kiddo this morning), and I’m certain I gained at least 37 pounds in Chicago. Seriously, I don’t know how all of you people out there aren’t fat. SO MUCH FOOD. (Another topic I’d love to write about but probably won’t get around to.)

My husband has to work July 4, so my only option is to take Kenz and run with the stroller. I can DO six miles, and I love running with the baby, but then I start thinking about bottles, diapers, wipes, driving downtown, parking, 90°F heat, baby sunscreen, pushing that fucking beast of a stroller amid the hordes of hobbyjoggers, not to mention being a hobbyjogger myself and the certainty that I will take an embarrassingly long time to finish the race; in short, a giant pain in the ass with little to no payoff save for possibly a breakfast cocktail with friends afterward.

I can’t wait.


9 thoughts on “blackout part II

  1. I would like to hear about the beer. For reals. I love beer so much, and as a resident of beervana, I hardly ever try beers from outside the PacNW, so feel free to share (either via your blog, or by illegally mailing me beer).

    • Oh dude. Y’all and your Yakima Valley hops blow us out of the water. But we do have a few noteworthy breweries, I’ve done a couple of illegal beer trades and it’s a pain in the ass, but totally worth it when you get cool beers in the mail. We’ll have to try that sometime.

  2. Glad you made it to a Cubs game! Pray tell, how did you find out about this nursing lounge? I didn’t know such a thing existed there. Then again, it IS the Friendly Confines, so why WOULDN’T they have a nursing lounge? Nothing says “friendly” like a bunch of ladies swervy on Old Style whipping their boobies out.

    • HA! I knew we’d be away from the baby for the whole day (she stayed with grandma out in the ‘burbs), so we checked the website ahead of time. It didn’t say anything about a nursing lounge, but said they had a family restroom in the first aid office. So I went in there and asked if there was a place I could pump. They had this nice little room with a couch, microwave, sink, changing table, etc. It was actually pretty cool. (I was nervous I’d end up pumping in a bathroom stall.) They really should put something more about that on the website because I’m sure I’m not the first boozing mama to have a milk situation at Wrigley Field.

  3. If you run that race tomorrow, you’re my hero. Well. You are anyway, but this will only be further evidence of that.

  4. This race sounds fantastic, right down to the breakfast cocktail! I want to run it too.

    Zombie plague seems to be a common side effect of never sleeping more than half an hour at a time. Uuugggghhhhhhh…

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