day 12060: more of the same

Apparently (and I only know this because I follow @TheAngryRunner on Twitter) while I was running seven miles this morning at a 9:48 pace and feeling pretty damn good about myself, Russian Yelena Lashmanova was walking a 20k at a 6:50 pace. Hmph.

But according to Garmin, today’s 1:08:38 is a PR. Also, I’ve never run exactly seven miles before. Also, on October 10, 2010, I ran six miles in the same time that it took me to run seven today. (Thank you Garmin, for providing me with endless amounts of useless data over which I can incessantly drool and queef.)

Except…I held back. I stuck to a comfortable pace because I was scared of blowing it, and then when I got to the end, I had way too much left in the tank. I could have put in another mile or so to account for this oversight, but…well, I didn’t.

Let’s not dwell on it. With any hope, today’s run gave me a surplus of audacity that I can put to use next week.

Anyone having a beer tonight? It took me an hour and a half to get the baby to sleep and I was feeling evil because I resented her for making me miss Olympic track events. And we still don’t have DVR because we are white trash. I did catch most of the men’s 5k though and I was thrilled for Farah until he started doing sit-ups. eyeroll. Anyway, then the baby finally fell asleep and diving came on. Worthless.

So I drank a People’s Moundbuilder IPA that our neighbor Gordon left in the fridge last time he came over. I was going to save it for him, but pickings were slim, so fuck him, right? It was delicious. Mildish for an IPA, 6.5% ABV/88 IBU. It poured a dark coppery red and had some nice earthy and spicy flavors. Some citrus, but not overwhelming. I really want another one.

But I have to go to bed now because the men’s marathon starts at 6 a.m. tomorrow and once again, we are white trash so we’ll have to do it live.


7 thoughts on “day 12060: more of the same

  1. I didn’t get to watch the men’s marathon, because 3 am? Seriously? Also, I ran 3 miles this morning (in a row! post-baby PR!) at an embarrassingly slow pace, and am now sad that you told me about the super fast walker. Thanks for destroying my self esteem. (I do like men’s diving, for the speedos.)

  2. I don’t have a DVR either. I’m just too cheap. And too lazy to go exchange my cable box. I’m also too lazy to run 7 miles, but that’s neither here nor there. Good work to you, though!

      • Wait, for a DirectTV DVR? I didn’t pay anything for equipment, and I have three DVRs! I’d check on that.


      • I ❤ U. Last time I checked, it was. But I didn't try to barter or threaten to switch providers or anything like that, which I've heard works. (But I promised myself no more beejes for cable!)

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