“It’s all about the hustle.”

That’s a quote from Laura Georgina left in the comments a few posts ago, and it was my inspiration for yesterday’s run.

Miss K Money is sleeping much better now, but the downside is that her morning naps are cutting into my morning workouts. I know, I know. Fucking WAH. I can’t believe I just typed that either.

Believe me, I am not that girl “pretending her day faffing about exercise class and eating free sammiches was just as stressful as your nine hours dealing with shitty bosses and shittier customers, AC that was too cold and fluorescent lights that were too bright, wearing uncomfortable clothing and tight shoes and sitting in some beat-ass office chair bought on discount 15 years ago.” I promise.

It’s not stressful, but like most people, I often have to find creative ways to cram an hour’s worth of exercise into 45 minutes. The obvious solution is to run faster.

Yesterday as soon as she was up and fed, I tossed her into the stroller and ran the half mile to the gym, dropped her off at the child care and did a quick two miles on the treadmill (quick for me = 8:24 pace), throwing in some rolling hills to make it a little tougher. Then I did 250 yards in the pool. (I’m such a terrible swimmer I don’t even time myself. I wouldn’t even know what a decent pace would be.) Then I grabbed the Duchess of Wiggles and ran the half mile home soaking wet.

I know I could have gotten in a longer run without swimming, but I have found that I really love to do a shake out swim a few days a week. I will never swim competitively but I find it’s a great recovery from running.

Today was easier. My husband was off work so I pawned Mariah Carey II off on him and went for a 6 mile trail run in Eagle Creek with a couple of friends. (Left the Garmin at home because it is pretty much worthless in the woods.)

And actually, I felt like this run was the recovery. I used to huff and puff (and wheeze and queef and drool and vomit) to keep up with Kate on this 6 mile loop and today it felt easy.

So that brings us to the present: just shy of 17 miles for the week and counting, and the beer:

Sublimely Self-Righteous. Appropriate, I think. I’ve had it before, but when I stopped into the beer store by the creek, all they had in their coolers were alcoholic’s choice: malt liquors and tall boys and pink champagne. I know the coolers are generally for the people who don’t have enough composure to wait 20 minutes for their beers to chill, but don’t some of those people like good beer? Apparently those who do don’t shop at this place. But they did have a Sublimely Self-Righteous chilling in a corner so I grabbed it.

It’s a 8.7% ABV/90IBU black ale. Hoppy as fuck, muddled with molasses and dark fruit with just the slightest hint of citrus. Drinking it actually makes you feel like you’re better than everyone else. I drank mine in the bathtub.


14 thoughts on ““It’s all about the hustle.”

  1. I don’t know. I’d almost rather deal with the constant pressure of losing my job because I pissed off the wrong client than, you know, change a diaper.

  2. My last summer at college, I took crazy advantage of the swimming pool at the rec center. Granted, it may look more like flailing than swimming, but it’s still a good switch up to the norm.

  3. I actually really miss being able to swim since my new gym doesn’t have a pool, but not having to shimmy into the most unflattering of one-pieces every now and then is something I’m happy to avoid.

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