Easy Friday is easy. Like your mom.

So the other night we watched this terrible 1970s Italian horror movie, Suspiria? It’s supposed to be some kind of cult classic but it bored me to tears. Aside from the ritual sacrifice of an uppity ballerina and the mauling of a blind dude by his own guide dog, the hour and 38 minutes was mostly a waste. I thought I’d do some planks on the carpet to kill the time, and yada, yada, yada–THIS WAS THURSDAY NIGHT BY THE WAY–I’m still really sore this morning.

Months ago, a couple of people clued me into the troubling issue of ab separation and it freaked me out, so I might have been too cautious. I treated my abs like delicate special little flowers and now they’re perfectly aligned or joined or whatever the word is for how they’re supposed to be, but they’re still sad, fat, sloppy, weak and sad. (DODGE DUCK DIP DIVE AND DODGE) No wonder I still look pregnant.

Any normal person would probably embark on an ambitious program of daily core work, but I’ll probably just continue sit on my ass and complain about it.

Anyway, I did a fantastic trail run yesterday afternoon and chased it with a beer. Boulevard Pale Ale, anyone tried this? I’ve had other beers from Boulevard, including the Long Strange Tripel and Double Wide DIPA and both were great. But this one just didn’t do it for me. (And usually after running, just about ANY beer tastes divine.) It’s a 5.4%, 30 IBU, and it was acrid with a very sharp aftertaste. Bitter, but not in a good way, and I think that’s a meaningful statement coming from someone who once had a bitterness scale created in her honor. But it won a Gold at the 2011 Great American Beer Fest in the category of international-style pale ales, so what do I know?

My legs are a little achy today. I’ve done three-quarters of this week’s mileage in the last two days, so I’m going to take it easy (title!). I’m hoping to get out and do a quick recovery run, and then a long run of maybe nine miles this weekend. But Isaac is supposed to pass through here and dump five or six inches of rain on us, so we’ll see. To those of you on the coast, hope you’re keepin’ on! Sorry God hates you! 😦


One thought on “Easy Friday is easy. Like your mom.

  1. Never had that beer. But I know that rude bitterness you speak of.

    I’m really surprised the Marie unit of bitterness didn’t catch on. It was such an obvious and better unit that IBU. IBU? WTF? I did try though. I may try to resurrect that next really obnoxious bitter beer.

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