waxing moronic

Does anyone else sit for an hour and contemplate having another beer, and then by the time you decide it’s not alcoholic of you to have one, you’re tired and you just wanna go to bed? Whether that signals composure or compulsion, I’m not sure…

Lesson: if you can think, you’re definitely not drunk enough and you should just have another one.

Snake Dog IPA. I did stop at one, but at 7.1% ABV/60 IBUs, it could probably be considered one and a half. You might recognize the bottle artwork as that of gonzo artist Ralph Steadman? So there’s another reason. As we have discussed, I’m not beneath picking a bottle based solely on the artwork, but for some reason this usually works out better with beer than wine.

I’ve had this beer before and it suits me just fine. Like that Boulevard pale I had the other day, Snake Dog has a big hoppy bite, but more of the tropical variety. Very easy to drink. This was part of an all-IPA mixed six-pack so it was probably 2 bucks and some change, totally worth it.

Anyway, the anus of Isaac has been shitting rain on us for the better part of the weekend. I ran 9 miles in it yesterday and it was not ZOMTITSEPICBALLSAUCE. It was wet.  But the season of PRs continues: my pace was half a minute faster than any other nine mile run in the history of my life. I don’t feel on top of the world today, but I’m not writhing in agony either. I have however, been getting those foot and leg cramps at night. You know, the kind where you stretch or point your toes wrong in bed and the muscle locks up and makes you scream? This always seems to coincide with an increase in mileage and I assume it has something to do with not stretching properly. As a strategy, I’ve decided to eat more bananas and continue to not stretch.

Last, my goddamn Garmin’s been acting up. The first mile never syncs up properly and shows like a 44:00 pace. It’s usually only mildly annoying, except in cases where my pace should have been under 10:00 and instead is a 10:01.

Resetting it did not do jack. This is a Forerunner 110 and it’s only two years old. I don’t feel like this gadget has paid for itself yet and I was hoping to squeeze another year or two out of it. Garmin owners: how long can I reasonably expect this piece of shit watch to last me?

By the way, on this day in 2010, I captured for posterity my attempt at 400s. My best split was a 1:43. Isn’t that adorable?



7 thoughts on “waxing moronic

  1. “As a strategy, I’ve decided to eat more bananas and continue to not stretch.”
    This totally made me laugh because it is exactly the way I think.

    I have a Garmin 405 (2 yrs old) and a 305 (3 yrs old). I have never had any issues with accuracy, I am just not fond of the size of the 305 and the bezel and battery life of the 405 suck.

  2. I was having similar issues as you, it would take forever to find a signal and then it said it would and I would hit start and the sucker wouldn’t record distance for like .25 miles but the overall timer would be ticking and when it finally kicked in and started recording distance it gave me a slow as hell first lap. Pissed me off and made me question why I even had the stupid thing. I barely every plugged it in to my computer to download all my stats but I plugged it in the other day and it prompted me to do a software update and since then I haven’t really been having any problems. It still gets angry at me when I’m around tall stuff trying to find a signal but in general it’s been working ok for the past week and a half.

  3. to answer your first question- FUCK NO. When I sit down on the couch to drink, I have at least four to six beers with me so I don’t have to get up again, unless it is to take a piss.

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