Why haven’t we been blogging? {INFOGRAPHIC!!1!}


15 thoughts on “Why haven’t we been blogging? {INFOGRAPHIC!!1!}

  1. I keep trying to think of a comment witty enough for this pie chart, but then I get distracted because I scroll back up to reread it and start cackling all over again. ROFLs forever!!!

  2. You forgot about “reading old posts to link back to at the end of the month to up page views; then finding old monthly recaps to link back to to up page views even more; got distracted by how awesome of a writer I am and wrote a post about that, then a new one just so I could link back to it, then searched said posts on google to up SEO results and page views, wrote a post about that, and plan to link back to it every month.”
    Or something like that. But otherwise, solid gold.

  3. I needed another reason to NOT do crossfit…this will seal the deal. Please keep blogging it makes me feel….ummm less “alone” in the world =)

  4. for real. I’ve been too busy thinking up all the things I can make with canned pumpkin to blog. Life is so hard.

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