An excursion

I know it’s Tuesday and this is no longer relevant, but I had some sweet photos to share from the weekend’s beer excursion, and also I’m hoping to get a part-time gig with the local tourism bureau in which I get paid to go around and drink beer and then write dodgy reviews about it three days later on my blog.

So the nice thing about day drinking is that you are in bed at a decent time and can still get up and go running in the morning. Not that there is anything wrong with the alternative, I firmly believe one should never let running and fitness get in the way of a good buzz. Write that down.

We hit three breweries on Saturday: Sun King, which has been around a while, Flat12, which okay, has also been around a while but I am a suburban trog and I never go downtown) and Fountain Square, which opened last summer.

I drink a lot of Sun King beer. Back before the spawning, we used to enjoy going to sporting events like our local AAA baseball team and we also enjoyed watching sporting events at bars, the both of which are great places to find Osiris pale ale, which the website touts as having only 215 calories per 16 ounces (or about half a sandwich), Sunlight Cream Ale and sometimes even Wee Mac Scottish style brown ale.

At the brewery, I tried a current specialty, Angle Juice (that’s not angel misspelled, by the way, it’s really called Angle Juice), a 5.2% ABV/61 IBU American pale ale. It was hoppy and delicious, but if you like your pales less American-y (you pinko bastard), it might be too much for you. And I hesitantly tried Kook-ee (6% ABV/14 IBUs), a cookie beer that actually turned out to be pretty good: subtle hints of chocolate, vanilla and oats.

Outside of Flat12, an unpictured faux log cabin food truck and the pulled pork sandwich contained therein preserved my sobriety.

At Flat12 there were so many beers I wanted try, my headed literally exploded. After I cleaned up the mess my exploded head made all over the tap room, I tried the Pogue’s Run Porter (5.5% ABV/34.1 IBU) which was thick and roasty. It’s like, the working man’s porter so it’s not all highbrow and shit. I also tried the Half-Cycle IPA which was goddamn amazing. It’s like an IPA and a half, only 6% ABV but 104 IBUs. It is: “dry hopped with a pound of high alpha American hops in every barrel,” but was incredibly well-balanced and smooth. I had to have a pint and would have had two if we didn’t have another stop to make. And just so nobody emails me (truth: nobody ever emails me), our driver was not guzzling pints this whole time, she had a few teeny samples because she’s responsible and shit, just FYI. Don’t be a dildo and drive drunk, y’all.

Full of pork and IPA, we trekked onward to Fountain Square , where a little parking lot fest was going on and Hyryder was doing a very respectable rendition of The Grateful Dead’s Scarlet Begonias.

I sampled the Rise ‘N’ Shine Oat Stout (6.6% ABV/30 IBUs…I think!) and two IPAs: Big Nuggets (7.3% ABV/55 IBUs) and Hop Your Face, the beer for which Saturday’s event was named. It’s a 9.7% ABV/Gazillion IBU Imperial IPA with all the fuck kinds of hops. Wet hops, dry hops, low hops, high hops. (Sorry, been reading too much Dr. Seuss.)

It was not too long after Hop Your Face that I became overly affectionate toward my friends.

And pretty soon after that, we called it a day.

I ain’t often right
but I’ve never been wrong,
It seldom turns out the way
it does in the song.
Once in a while
you get shown the light
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right.


5 thoughts on “An excursion

  1. I have first world brewery tour problems…I never know who to invite that will be responsible and drive. It’s never me! Taprooms are all the rage here right now. There are a ton around my work so we have been scheming to start doing happy hours to hit them up.

    Looks like you had a great time! Hop YOUR face. TWSS.

  2. They should definitely sponsor you. I’d much rather read your beer reviews than any others. 🙂

    It’s been ages since I’ve done a brewery tour. I love getting the little sample trays. It’s a fun way to find new beers.

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