Being a fat lazy shiftless unambitious waste of space, week 2

But first, the race photos. Which is your favorite?

The one in which I’m completely blocked by the ridiculously photogenic runner?

The one in which I’m blocked by the guy wearing shorts over his tights?

OR the one in which I am blocked by EVERYONE?

I don’t ever buy my race photos, but I do like to swipe a few of the worst ones for the sake of entertaining you people, so I was a little disappointed that half the pictures of me WEREN’T OF ME. If only there were a blog post about how to…no, I won’t.

The most exciting thing that happened last week: I bought some new half-a-size bigger shoes (Kinvara 3s and I LOVE THEM. I’ve never had such an easy time breaking in a new shoe. They already feel like an extension of my being. We are symbiotic.) but there’s still some lingering discomfort on that left bunion that did not magically disappear when I put on the new kicks. I know. What I like to do in this type of situation is wait until the pain is unbearable and then wait another week, and then see a doctor. I’ll keep you posted, dear reader(s?)

So I took a break last week and it was kind of nice but kind of sucky. I’ve also had some nagging pain in my left knee (remember that knee pain that went away and never came back? Well, it came back.) and only ran 19 miles, the majority of which was on the treadmill.

I finally started feeling better this week and did five miles outside with the stroller (at an absurd pace, BUT STILL) and about five miles on the treadmill (speed intervals sets of 5-4-3-2-1, half a minute faster each interval) and felt really good.

I’ve also been swimming a lot more and lifting weights at the gym. I was entertaining this delusion that I am in peak physical condition and it turns out I am not! I know. I was hoping that carrying a baby around and squatting to pick shit up off the floor sometimes was all the strengthening I needed. Then I did some light lifting and I was sore for three days.

For whatever half marathon I run this spring, my goal is to work on getting stronger and faster, rather than merely completing the miles. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be some pompous overblown OPERATION: GET FASTER or a PROJECT SPEEDWORK! It’s just going to be something I try to keep in mind as I’m planning my workouts. I like to keep things casual.



6 thoughts on “Being a fat lazy shiftless unambitious waste of space, week 2

  1. Well, little did I know someone had devoted an entire blog post to the thing I do ALL the time. Shorts over tights. I am still a self conscious teenager, did you know?

    And wow, that dude is definitely in the running (pun!) for ridiculously photogenic guy. He totally photobombed you! Race photos are good for entertainment.

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