cat mom problems

If you’ve been avoiding the internet this week (which, understandable given the shitty goings-on of late) and haven’t seen any of the dozen or so posts in which I nothumblebrag about Sunday’s half marathon, I finished in 1:58:36, a 10-minute PR and almost a minute and a half under my goal.

I’ll have a full (and most likely boring and awkward) race report for you probably in a couple days. I feel like I made a particularly horrid face in my finish-line photo and I want to be sure to include that in the report. For now, I’ll just say that I ran hard, went out faster than I thought I should but felt like my body could handle it and it paid off. It’s a new sensation for me. I’d like to elaborate on this more when I am reasonably sure I can not sound like a jackass.

In the meantime, maybe you guys can help me with something: my cat’s urinary tract.


Sunday morning before the race, Wrigley peed the bed. My husband stumbled into the living room where I was feeding the baby and was like, “uh…I think Wrigley peed the bed.”

(Briefly I wondered, having at midnight, in a moment of desperation after fighting wakefulness for almost two hours, scarfed two Tylenol PMs, if I myself had peed the bed. Then realized I was dry and breathed a sigh of relief.)

We were able to get Wrigley into the vet Monday morning and the vet agreed it was most likely a UTI, but she was unable to get a urine sample from our already-drained-from-pissing-everywhere-but-the-litter-box cat and sent me home with a bag of non-absorbent kitty litter and instructions to make her take a piss in it and then use a plastic syringe to retrieve a sample. Gah.

We set her up in the guest bathroom and after some mild protest, she pretty much slept in there for the next several hours until, around midnight (oh hey, perfect!) when she began banging on the door, splashing her water and food around everywhere and generally letting me know she was not going down without a fight. I felt terrible (and yeah, really fucking tired), and I caved. I let her out and she immediately ran for the laundry room, where she squatted over the normal kitty litter and took an awkwardly long piss.

If we didn’t have another cat, I could just switch out the regular litter for the non-absorbent stuff and sooner or later, she’d be desperate enough to go. But I think being locked in the bathroom is stressing her out and prolonging it even more.

So I called the vet again today and told her my problem and she basically told me to keep trying. If I can’t get a sample on my own and they can’t either, they’ll have to do a procedure where they go in and…well you get the idea.

So kitty is still in the bathroom with an infuriatingly dry litter box. Anyone ever go through this with a pet? Any tips?


Update 12/20/12: Kitty’s doing better! Vet confirmed she has a UTI so she got a steroid and an antibiotic injection and will get another round of antibiotics in two weeks. They didn’t find any crystals so right now we’re in pretty good shape (well, if 11 pounds is considered “good shape”). Thanks for commiserating with me about my cat’s pee pee!


13 thoughts on “cat mom problems

  1. Just a couple weeks ago, I had a similar issue with my cat that we thought was a UTI too. (Turns out it was a bladder infection) But when I got to the vet, she also had a tiny bladder. So they kept her during the day and pumped her full of fluids and kept her in a crate or room or whatever with that non absorbent stuff and collected it themselves. When she finally peed, they called me to pick her up.

    • Yes! I called again tonight and I’m bringing her back in first thing tomorrow but I don’t know why they didn’t just keep her the first time. They said she might be less traumatized if we tried to collect it at home, but I think it just dragged it out longer.

  2. I work at a vet in Indy. Sometimes if he is unable to get a sample, he will go ahead & treat for UTI. If that doesn’t help, we’ll keep them until we can get a sample. We kept my cat all day last week, (gave him SQ fluids too!) and no bladder all day. He urinated in the box on the way home for the win!

    • Ha, the only time they won’t pee is when you really, really want them too! But that’s good to know, hopefully if we don’t have any luck today, they can give her something. I imagine she’s probably pretty uncomfortable.

  3. We’ve dealt with UTIs and urinary issues in both of our cats. Unfortunately pretty common. Did they give you an antibiotic to give her? Our vets have always gone ahead and started treatment before confirming the presence of bacteria/infection, crystals, etc. At least it gets them on track to feeling better, so they’re no longer in pain (and um, constantly peeing on your shit).

    Poor Wrigs! I hope she feels better soon!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I wish they could have given her something right away. I’d rather pay for antibiotics we don’t need than make her be miserable another day. I remember your kitty blog posts and thinking, god I hope that never happens to me. (Nice, huh?) The things we do for our cats.

  4. I have no cat knowledge. Does that mean I am not a real catlady?

    Congrats on the HM! I am in work/single-ish mom of twins hell right now, so even reading twitter on my phone is a challenge.

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